24 May 2004

yeah. i'm still alive.

man, that was one long blogbreak. i thinks it's good for you.

what's up with this new blog. i dont know which way's up!

i havent been doing much these past few weeks. gellin'. you know. actually, i just started construction on my Trebuchet. i have both sides built and i've figured out how to create the most useable 200lb weight. shouldn't be too long now. it should throw a 3lb object about a football field. so that's gonna rock.

i've been put in charge of my school's ASCE student chapter website. it looks pretty lame right now, but with the help of some of my brother's legally aquired programs and his extensive history using them, the site should look pretty sweet come fall (or earlier).

I started my job at TDOT today working in the ITS center. it's pretty sweet. on that first link you can click on any one of those cameras and see what i see on those big screens on the second link (except mine are in real time). i actually work in that room with the wall of TV monitoring traffic and accidents and backups and closures and everything else. then, when something happens, we call the TDOT truck(s) and they go take care of it. and we can see the whole thing on camera. (there are 59 or so cameras all over the nashville interstates; they can look in every direction and have an optical zoom of about 200x.) we also put messages up on the sign you see over the interstate. i feel like i'm working at NASA when i walk in the room. but i'm not. but i also dont have to live in Florida. but i guess that wouldnt be too bad.

dinner time.

if you havent seen Shrek 2, go. it's . . . great.

06 May 2004

that's all folks

i'm done. it's all over. i had my final test today. my final exam in foundations. the final exam which determined whether of not i failed foundations. i won't lie, i was feeling a bit of pressure to do well on it. and i'm terrified to say that i feel like i did perfect on it. now, i can almost guarantee that i looked over some soil type somewhere and used the wrong equation as a result, but it doesn't matter now. i feel like i did the best the i could on 10 hrs of studying, 4 hrs of sleep, and a big thermos of coffee. i made a 42.5 on the 1st exam, a 70 and the 2nd, and i have like a 1/10 quiz average. man o man. and i really dont feel like i'm not putting in the effort because the rest of my class grades are (probably) A, A, B+, and B. so it's going to look really odd when i get D (or F) to put next to those. (however, currently i dont feel that i failed.) do you know how extremely pissed i'd be if i failed?? not only would i have an F to help my subpar GPA, but i'd have to sit through another semester of the same crap. every class would be the worst class ever simply because i would have to be there. anyhoo...

i only had 3 exams this time around (and one was a take home). my first exam was Waste & Water Transportation. i studied a lot for it. i got a 10/21. not great. fortunately, my grades in there had been high enough that i still got a B.

i started watching Dawn of the Dead recently, but due to slightly more important things on my plate, i've only finished half of it. it's pretty good so far. the zombies are very quick and . . . bite-happy.

wow. i'm done. i've been dreading this morning for about 2.5 months now.

oh. i think i'm working for TDOT this summer. Nashville has a new ITS (intelligent transportation system) (the room in The Italian Job with all the moniters showing traffic all over the city) and i think i'm going to work there. so that's pretty exciting. it's a brand new thing here (and lots of places; it's only in big cities around the country). so i hope this works out (i think it already has. God's the best.)

i'm looking forward to doing ANYthing tonight. anything at all. (as long as it's with my baby.)

party on.

03 May 2004


See it. you won't regret it. it's seems rather odd at first (that's because it's different), but like i said, you won't regret it. it's so interestingly done. it's like reading a book, watching a play, and watching a movie at the same time. and like jesse put it, it seems like a class in acting (really good acting). i won't write more because i don't want to give anything away, but seriously, a powerfully thought provoking movie.

(that being said, i've got the movie if you're interested)

02 May 2004

you've got gmail

(stupid blogger and it erasing stuff i dont want erased)

so anyway, if you didnt get my mass email about changing my email address, (dont get mad, i didnt forget you, Webmail just didnt have you saved in the address book) i'm trying out a new email service by Google (Gmail). so here's my new address:


i'm just tired of the totally featureless Webmail that UTK uses (as do so many other colleges) (plus i get a feces load of spam in that account). so yeah, i'll still check my UTK one, but, well you know how it is.

The "(a)" was jeff's idea. (it means "@" in case you arent with it.)

i forgot

i forgot. the other day i (finally) put up my pictures from our NYC trip. they can be see here.

i felt it was my duty after that turd fest scott put up on his website.

01 May 2004

more recommendations for: May 1, 2004

don't fax things from Kinkos. they charge $1 for long distance faxes. i just finished paying $14 to fax in this application. geez louise.

Josh's Recommendations for: May 1, 2004

if any of you haven't seen Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2 (and i know almost none of you have), you need to go out now and rent it. particularly Evil Dead 2, it's tremendous. the combination of awesome cinematography and bruce cambell's over-acting is the epitome of just-too-muchery. and if you're interested in downloading old cult horror films that are really hard to find, check out SuprNova.org. it's got the good's in all the different movie fields. seriously. tons of great movies. tons.

check it.