14 June 2012

June (& May) Music Mix

June Album Art

Well, it just happened again... I created the greatest mix ever. And actually, I split them up into two mixes, thus fine-tuning the art of mixes in ways never thought possible.

12.06 I Need Time to Stop Moving

12.06 Everything That Shine Ain't Always Gonna be Gold
(i.e. the stuff you won't hear on Grey's Anatomy)

I didn't get a chance to make a post for last month's mix, but here it is (it previously held the record for greatest mix ever):

12.05 Don't Leave Without Me

09 June 2012

Favorite Tracks That Aren't on Spotify

Even though I use Spotify 24/7, there's a lot of music that won't ever make it there. These are some of the tracks that I keep listening to that aren't on there. (Warning: There are bad words in some of these)