11 August 2009

Wordpress Problems

I'm not sure what's happened to our wordpress blog. I posted an entry this morning and after I was done it said my blog was violation of the Terms of Service. And wordpress seems really not nice about that. I'm not even sure if i can get the content back. This is really bumming me out.

if anyone has our blog in their "reader" or something please save it as it might be the only copy we have now.

This is lovely...

Suspended Blogs

When you sign up for a blog here at wordpress.com, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms of Service (TOS). In fact, the page has a check box next to this:

I have read and agree to the fascinating terms of service.

As such, there is really no excuse for not knowing what is and is not allowed.

Blogs are suspended if they are found to be in breach of the TOS.

We do not contact you first to ask that content be modified or removed.

You may NOT have that blog name back.

You may NOT have the blog content back.

We take our Terms of Service very seriously and act on each and every feedback we get in order to investigate potential breaches. Our terms are enforced on a daily basis.

We want WordPress.com to be a pleasant and safe environment for all of our valued users.

So yeah. Wordpress is kind of an *******.

UPDATE: Glad I didn't elaborate anymore on my anger towards wordpress because they got back to us the next day saying they didn't know what happened and the blog was back up and it wouldn't happen again. SO my apologies about the whole ******* thing. That's why you don't blog angry.

13 April 2009

A Photoblog

Hey everyone. I decided to start a different blog strictly dedicated to my photos. This blog and the peace corps blog will stay in effect. This new blog will simply give me a place to share my photos with you on a site that looks how I'd like it to look for showcasing photos (i.e. one at a time and larger). Anywho, let me know what you think (if it looks crappy, has an annoying interface, whatever).

(I tried to go with a more unique Wordpress theme, but after all the researching about WP.org vs WP.com and trying to figure out how to set up a WP.org site I just decided to stick with Blogger. I know how to manipulate the HTML, it's free, and as simple as you get.)

15 March 2009

Project Projector

Dear valued friends and family,

It has been an interesting year! As many of you are aware, we made the decision in July 2008 to serve with the U.S. Peace Corps, and have since been living in rural Jamaica. Peace Corps operates with one major goal in mind – building capacity in order for those being helped to begin helping themselves. We, as volunteers, adhere to an adage you know well: Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed his family for a lifetime. After eight months living/working here, we are becoming more realistic (and creative) in our ideas of teaching men to fish.

We would like to purchase a digital projector for use in educational settings, such as school health lessons, community training events and organizational strengthening within our agency. Rather than pursuing a traditional grant, which could take up to a year, we are first reaching out to those people we know and respect from home.

With that, we ask you to consider donating toward this venture of ours. We hope you will see this as a way of investing in all the good that can be accomplished here in Jamaica—and are excited at the thought of sharing our experiences and successes with you. Here’s an overview of the project:

  • Dell digital projector......740.00
  • Surge protector................25.00
  • Extension cord.................25.00
  • White flat sheet................10.00
  • total cost...............$800.00

You should also know that we intend to donate the digital projector, extension cord, surge protector and large white flat sheet (screen) to a worthy organization upon our completion of work with Peace Corps. I repeat—we do NOT intend to keep it for personal use. We believe strongly in capacity building within our local community, which means training people in use of technologies that will allow them to improve their own situation. We will either train a staff member at our Primary School or a leader in our Farmers’ agency to operate and maintain the projector after our close of service.

We know that this year has been financially challenging for many folks and we completely understand if you choose not to contribute, at this time. We chose to send you one of these requests not because of your financial status, but because you have been a great sense of support and encouragement to one or both of us in the past. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we stay the course here in Jamaica. Peace Corps service has not been what we necessarily expected, but it is proving to be a challenge worth taking. We wish you all the best in the coming months and thank you for being who you are!

If you DO wish to contribute to this project, please respond in any of these ways:
• Go to www.Paypal.com and “Send Money” to us at Josh.Hunter@gmail.com.
• Send a check to this address: Josh Hunter, 4099 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.
• If you’d like to help, but have additional questions for us, please call or email (contact information above).


Josh & Jesse Hunter

20 February 2009

Wanda (1927-2009)

You know those times when you look back and see how awesome and perfect God's power and timing is? Well, that was today for me.

My grandmother had been sick for, well, basically since we left for Jamaica. She was healthy as a horse forever and then, bam, she's not. So she'd been in and out of the hospital and chemo for about the last 10mo fighting biliary cancer (a large tumor in her bile duct). The tumor kept closing up her bile duct and giving her a lot of problems.

So it's been hard just not being around. Not that there was anything we could've done, but I hated not being there. My parents came to visit a few weeks back and during that we decided to come home at the end of February because things with Nannaw were looking rather... terminal. So we set our flights. Then things with her start going downhill even faster so we moved our flight up to the next day. We'd miss some community meetings and get-to-gethers, but frankly those didn't matter at all.

It was a bitter sweet trip from the get go. We were thrilled at coming home and getting to visit with Nannaw and everyone, but we hated why we were coming come. I was coming home to see my grandmother for the last time and I knew it.

We visited her as soon as we got there. She was drousy from meds but quite lucid. The tumor was causing bile to back up in her and this turned her skin yellow. I hadn't seen her since we left; she looked terrible. Rather frail and yellow as a Simspons character. I was stunned at first. We hung out in her room with the rest of family for a bit and went home. I think we visited her every other day we were there and each day she seemed to draw further and further away. On Saturday she was fixing her hair because I had my camera. But by Monday, it seemed like her body just wasn't cooperating. She knew who we were and what we were saying but she was difficult to understand; again, like her body just wouldn't let her communicate. Wednesday she was even more removed. She would be there for a minute and then she'd almost fall asleep. Her eyes never closed but it seemed like she would go off to some other place and then come back. All I could do was hold her hand and pray that she was alright. Thursday morning we left. And today my dad called me and said she was gone.

One week. Just like that.

I can't tell you how painful it is to sit there and watch someone you love deteriorate like that. It tears your heart to pieces. When you can see the end in sight, you just want them to be okay and comfortable till that time comes. So that's what my family did. They did everything in their power to make her as comfortable as possible. And I think she was.

It's hard to leave loved ones. Period. But leaving your grandmother knowing it was the last time you'd see her in this life... I didn't know if I could do it. I could barely let go. I think I said "bye" to her about five times on Wednesday before I actually left. It was one of the worst feelings I can remember.

So when my dad called me this morning and told me, everything just hit me. The fact that:
  1. God let my Nannaw stick around till today
  2. We'd so easily been able to move our flight plans up 2 weeks to the next day
  3. Our Peace Corps APCD walked the "30 day" paper work to leave through in one morning
  4. Nannaw was still lucid enough to talk to and visit with
  5. She didn't pass away while I was there (if she had I would've felt compelled to stay an extra week till all the arrangements and funeral were over)
  6. When she did go, my mom and her brother and Nannaw's pastor were all there with her
  7. She's no longer in pain. She's home. She's with her husband again. And she will be forever.
...All these things came rushing to me after I got the news. I don't know if I've ever been filled with such sadness and joy at the same time. I'd lost my last grandparent. It's not permanent, but it sure feels like it. She is gone and so is everything she knows about everyone and everything. All her stories and memories and experiences are gone forever. But my grandmother was ready. She had nothing left undone; no loose ends, no debts, nothing left unsaid. She knew how much we loved her and we knew how much she loved us. We all knew her soul was taken care of, so it was just a matter of keeping her company till it was time.

This morning was her time.

God is great. Wanda is home. And I miss her already.

When something like this comes up in life, it's interesting to see what happens to everything you've made "important." I'll tell you what happens to all my "important" things... they vanish. They're reduced to nothing and for a short time it appears my perspective on things is finally back on track. I do things everyday to change it and get off track, but when it comes down to it it all goes away and I've got new eyes. And I remember something that I should never have forgotten: After God and your salvation, the only other thing that matters in this life are people and how you love them. That's it. Everything else will end up in a junkyard someday.

Rule No.2: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

(I saw this at the Miami Airport and liked it. It's bigger than me.)