29 September 2005

26 September 2005

sufjan and gastritis... an exciting combination!

so i have gastritis. and i must say, it's rather uncomfortable. in fact, it's downright painful. my whole stomach just hurts. i highly disrecommend it.

however, jesse and i did have a sweet friday night adventure! early friday morning it occured to me to check to see if Sufjan Stevens (a favorite of mine right now) was going to be playing in nashville any time soon. as luck would have it, he was. and it just so happened to be that night at 9pm. unfortunately, it was sold out. so i tried my best to find any left over tickets, but it was to no avail. i even emailed some people at the Mercy Lounge. i did however come to the conclusion that i dislike the Mercy Lounge employees and/or anyone affiliated with said Mercy Lounge. after i sent out my email inquiring as to the "solidity" of the term "sold out", i recieved a response. it was as follows:

Sold out really means sold out jackass

to which i thanked him for his kindness and understanding. (jesse also had an unfriendly encounter with some ticket taker.) anywho, long story short, sold out does not really mean sold out. at least not for a couple sneak artists (yeah, you like it? dont steal it.) such as jess and myself. we go there and the line must've been upwards of 1000 people. it looked pretty hopeless. so we took a seat on the upper patio. there we slowly gained the trust of those around us THUS gaining us entry inTO the Mercy Lounge... upstairs.

well, this was better, but not great. anyway, after a little slight of hand from yours truly (we walked down some stairs and wandered around), we managed to make our way into the downstairs stage room. in truth, all of this was sort of inadvertantly done (jesse might disagree... for good reasons). ANYway, once we realized we were IN, we slinked off to the dark corner to hide away for the show (plus there was a stool (the non poo kind) back there). and what a show! it was a really fun show. they were all dressed up as cheerleaders and stuff. it was just great. i was so excited i left my own stool (the poo kind) back there. not really, but i was really excited.

and on top of it all, (and i'm not sure if He really wants to take credit for this or not, but..) i'm pretty sure God provided this opportunity to us. we both prayed so hard beforehand that we would be able to to get in and watch the show. i think jesse actually prayed for free entrance (she's so brazen!). seriously, i KNOW He helped us. all you naysayers (todd) can say what you want, but this was a miracle. jesse and i arent this lucky.

on a side note, i think Sufjan Stevens and his band would be a really great bunch of guys to hang out with. they seem really nice. (i actually think they may be Christian.)

on an even more side note, jesse's and my new pirate names are as follows (respectively):

Black Death Quinn

Cap'n Jake Yellowbeard

i've also been known to go by:

Cheeky Delinquent

...which of course is my wu-tang name.

22 September 2005

pura vida

well, jess and i are back. i talked her into driving back from atlanta 12:30am sunday morning. not the most fun thing to do, but we made good time. 3.5 hrs i believe.

we had a blast on our honeymoon vacation. Costa Rica is so pretty and the people there are so nice and helpful. we stayed at an all-inclusive hotel on the beach (as seen below). we ate so much. i dont even remember being hungry after the first day. i felt like every time i went to eat, my stomach was half full already. and there's nothing like a solid week of carb loading. big time.

let's see... we:

-went on a small walk through the rainforest
-went to some hot springs (where the water was heated by the local volcano)
-(jesse) got sick and threw up on a short un-air-conditioned bus ride
-spent a few hours at a secluded beach full of howler monkeys and with dead blowfish strewn about the beach (must've seen at least 15 or so)
-rode through the treetops and over waterfalls via the Canopy Tour
-rented a small 4x4 daihatsu and drove to Rincon de la Vieja to walk through the jungle and see lots of creatures and volcano vents (fumorals) AND a sweet waterfall!
-then continued our rent-a-car day with a trip to a nearby beach town, where i was lifted of the burden of carrying around my CDs
-lounged around, ate more, and then ate so more (only this was nicer food)

and all the while getting to stir up the old espanol memory bank.

i'm also pretty amazed that niether of us got burned. i think it's because it was so hot we tried to avoid any direct sun contact most of the time.

the past 2 weeks have just gone off as good as i possibly couldve imagined. the wedding and reception was just wonderful. i dont think i couldve had much more fun. i hope everyone else did too. i also cant thank everyone enough for not only showing up to support us, but also for the inpouring of gifts. it's just an wonderful feeling to know that so many people love you so much. so thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

and now for some pictures...

jesse poses hardcore on the beach

the view from our hotel (this was before the crowds came)

this little fellow was quick to reject jesse's friendship

someone's looking suspicious

lots o moss

those are some sweet lense flares

those are some sweet fumorals

ah yes, this is the absolutely gorgeous beach where some douche bag jacked my CDs

here comes medicine man jesse!

i'll try and put more up.

09 September 2005

no time!

goin' to Costa Rica. be back next saturday.

wedding was perfect. that's about the best description: perfect.

todd (and scott) gave a good description of the weekend. i'll give more later (when i'm not going to Costa Rica).

time to go get burned by the central american sun.

so brilliant, that central american sun is.