31 August 2003

dont have much time. gotta finish cleaning before the peeps arrive.

okay first off, i tricked jesse into thinking i had gotten an earing. it was so funny. i was smiling the whole time, but she just thought i was happy. pretty funny. i didnt tell her until the next day. she had mixed emotions about it. (yeah thanks for the support, GIRLFRIEND.)

went shopping with my mom on friday. that was fun. we always spend too much money. i enjoy spending time with my mom. sometimes she's just crazy.

got new shorts yesterday.

finally was able to "sing" something to jesse. still got another somethin' up my short sleeve though.

oh yeah. chance came by YESTERDAY at 4pm. that crazy crazy chance.

and we tried to watch The Two Towers last night at 11.0 but we were no match for its lengthiness. we only made it halfway.

alrighty, i hope to see everyone out here today.

29 August 2003

got a lot done today...

haircut (very short)
new mouse
copied visa
got dad new mouse
ate good chinese food
DLed program to remove spyware/popups
DLed winamp 3
rope to practice knot tying with
visited with stovall (twice in one summer)
got sheet music to amelie
and regular music from amelie (thanks to jesse)

i guess thats about it.

27 August 2003

oh and i rented "amadeus" monday. that was really good. i don't know how i'd never seen it before. although i dont know its historical accuracy. it could be entirely fictional for all i know. but i really liked it. i think my favorite scene was at the end when Mozart is dictating his last piece to Salieri and you see Salieri struggling to understand the genius in mozart. And depsite how much he hates him, he is simply enthralled listening to him work and is just on the edge of his seat to hear more. I don't really know if, at the end, he was even aware that he was killing him. salieri didnt seem to have that look of . . . badness on his face. i dont know. maybe i just missed it. it was just such an interesting relationship mozart and salieri had. it was like he treated mozart as if he were God Himself. in that his admiration for him couldn't even be expressed in words, but equally great was his hatred. anyway, i love seeing that kind of genius what it's capable of.

ah well. back to cleaning.
first off, i'd like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for my mom and her "finding" abilities. after an entire summer of missing my right z1 chaco, i broke down and asked my mom if she had seen it (and also showed her what it looked like). my mom has a knack for finding things i'm looking for in places i've looked many times before. maybe i just suck at looking for things. either way, i'm very appreciative of her gift. then on top of that, i asked her if she had seen my nalgene bottle, she looked under the cabinets (like i had already done) and found it. simply amazing. so i cooked dinner. i was very grateful.

i'm gonna go to bed now because i've lost track of time and i'm retarded.

one last thing, i've come to realize that with jesse it's more than just "i love her", it's "i need her".

25 August 2003

i'm back home now after a relatively lovely weekend of sitting around with jesse. I can feel the time being taken away from us. It's like every hour is more important than the last. I'll definitely be spending the majority of the weekend with her, but i hope to get some stilltime in with everyone else too. i hope everyone can come to my house this weekend. it should be pretty fun.

I gave jess her pop-up tent and manatee necklace this weekend. i think she really liked them. the necklace turned out to look pretty nice.

still dont know whats going on with my car. i dont think the brake lights work, so i probably shouldnt drive at night much.

leanne called yesterday to prove to scott seaton that i was still in town (some argument they were having), so i returned her call today. i was talking to her (actually not so much "talking" as "listening") when she asked if she could call me right back. that was at 1.0 pm and i havent hear back from her yet (and i doubt i will). how can anyone have such a short attention span that they forget to call someone back . . . EVERY TIME.

i have a lot of packing and planning to do this week.

(enter last week home)

22 August 2003

so i'm back at school now and my car wont work. what the crap? i cant get it to shift into gears. it wont acknowledge that i'm pressing the brakes. so i am currently parked between the library and glocker. dang, it.

and jesse is being a jerk right now. in her new pop up tent. i hope she stops soon.

yeah saturday.

okay she's better now.

20 August 2003

well i havent gotten much done today. HOWEVER, my watch came in! CASIO RULES. they got it back to me in freakin no time. i guess it took 2 weeks. I was REALLY hoping it'd get back in before i left. AND jesse's surprise came in. i hope she likes it. It's kind of silly. oh well.

going to the wilson county fair tonight. fair rides are kind of scary. i havent been in a while.

man, i'm on a pinneapple and bacon pizza craze lately. it's feels like youre eating lighter and quasi healthier. and it tastes great. thank you jess for bringing it BACK into my life. :)

i ordered my trogdor and cubic*cube shirt today. i can't wait. the people from hungary said they wear a lot of dark colors so i should fit in great.

Did i mention that there is NO HUMIDITY in hungary!? That's so freakin awesome. I told jon murphy that and he said the people will think i'm a god because i dont sweat. I told him he was probably right. (just kidding God)

i hope todd fits in at military school. sounds a bit uncomfortable there.

pizza time.

17 August 2003

i love you, jesse.

so much.

::well i just wrote this and it got erased so here we go again . . . dang it::

So i just read hayley's blog regarding our camping trip. I cant believe she had such a bad time. SHE had a leaky tent?? a SCREEN DOOR would've been more water proof than the tent me, jess, and scholes used. and this just in: I'M AN EAGLE SCOUT TOO! not only that, but i freakin' fixed the food . . . in the RAIN. (thanks to scott and scholes for helping with that) And you know, it's really not even that i had a bad time because i had lots of fun. it's that hayley's complaining about having to do NOTHING.


i'm tellin' you i get no respect.

16 August 2003

I'm up at school now sitting in scholes' and dobbs' living room with my laptop watching X games. This is awesome.

I just finished talking with a couple from Hungary. Actually, a man and his wife from Hungary. What a great help they were. I feel so much better about everything. Feelin' good.

Said "bye" to Todd this morning. I hope this path works out the best for him. Despite all the crap Todd and I give each other, I love him like a brother. It's always somewhat difficult to talk to him about something serious because I can't always tell how seriously he's taking it. I'm sure it's more than i think. good luck, todd.

Had a decent drive up to ktown with the folks. (i just cant stress how awesome this sitting here doing all my computer "work" in front of the tv.) I had to urinate like a race horse TWICE on the way here! I guess I drank more water at todd's than i thought.

I'm gonna run out to CompUSA later to find a power converter for my Hungarian vacation. and maybe a ordless mouse.

I wanna make comments available for my blog. I'm gonna try that now.

14 August 2003

I personally thought the camping trip went well. Sure, we had a little rain, but at least it held off till we went to sleep. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much sleep. At all. Scholes’ tent from the 20s didn’t hold up too well under watery conditions. Only, replace “too well” with “at all”. But no one was to blame. We needed another multi person tent, so we used it. He didn’t know any better. He other tent held up well, but apparently they didn’t sleep well either. Not quite sure why. Anyway, jesse, scholes, and I went to jesse’s house around 3.5 am because we just couldn’t take it anymore. I talked to the other tent and they said they were fine, but they called me at 5.5 am for us to come get them. So we did and I think most of us slept till 1 or 2. I felt like crap all day.

So I have this friend who has trouble making it to events. The pattern is as follows: “oh yeah, definitely count me in”, then “I’m not sure if I can stay the whole time, but I’ll definitely stop by for a while”, and then the two possible endings of “I’m really gonna try and stop by, but I’m not positive I can” or “I don’t think I’m gonna make it. I was up late / I’m really tired / I killed someone (or something like that) and just wont be able to make it. Sorry. Tell everyone I said ‘hi’”. I have to wonder how far in life someone can go without keeping commitments. I really don’t understand. I mean, this is nothing new, so I’m hardly troubled by it. But how do you go through your years with friends and not hold true to your word so often? Why does this person even bother to say they’ll make it? I’m baffled. I mean, I think this friend is a good person and in the past I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their company, but I guess those times are over and have been over for longer than I’ve thought.

New day. I was just watching “say anything” and saw that he plays the song “in your eyes” on the boombox. I didn’t know that. Now I’m watching the part where they’re on the plane. I’m gonna be doing that soon. I feel like I’m running out of time (and obviously I am). I feel like I don’t have nearly enough time with jesse. Right now I don’t know how I’m going to make it 4 months without the girl I love. I really don’t.

I hope we're ready for this.

(oh yeah, and i got joshhunter.com. so it'll be up pretty soon. so cool.)

11 August 2003

i think i'm gonna buy joshhunter.com. it's only $10 a YEAR. what a deal.

I ate chicken lasagna today (which i'm sure a certain someone would have loved). Then i drove a new Nissan Maxima. Awesome. so freakin fast. and comfortable. a great drive. then i went and played piano at scotts. i'm glad i spent time practicing. It sucks being somewhere with a piano and only knowing one song from memory, now i have like 5 or so. I rule.

We get to go camping tomorrow!! i cant wait. It'll be kind of sad though because it's that last time i'll see some of these people till next year almost. However, i am going up to UT this saturady or so to spend a few days with everyone. I concur with scott, the first few carefree days before school starts are without a doubt the best. I guess after that i'll come home and start preparing. (and yes i'm still nervous) I still gotta get a place to stay in Amsterdam.

okay this computer is wiggin out, so i'm off.

peace out

07 August 2003

i have a blogger shirt.


oh yeah and today was my last day of work. . . for a while.

05 August 2003

well, i think too much has happened for me to write about everything. and i've been so tired since this weekend that i havent gotten to write anything down, so here goes....

what a great weekend! with the exception of our extended drive there, everything went splendidly. we EVENTUALLY made it to the campsite, however it took about 2 hours longer because we kept getting lost (THIS JUST IN: Kentucky blows). so we camped at an rv place and one of jared's friends drove a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII. spectacular. todd got to ride in it so i'm sure he will write more about it. If i ever get my internet in my room i will put pictures up on my website, but as it looks now, i wont do anything till i leave or right before or when i get there. who knows.

the lake part was really fun because we had a 2 story boat with a slide. i only went down the slide twice, but i threw frisbee a lot. and i had IBC cherry limeades! they're awesome. then right before we were going to fix dinner, it came a pouring down. (i have photos of everything, but no way of displaying them)(yet). so we waited it out in the tents for 30 min then drove the boats in and left (i got to drive the boat)(i rule at driving boats).

got to sam's in ktown that night (sat). (man they keep it hot in there). we went to her church the next morning and sang (a lot). then we went to her baptism. it was great. it was a bit creepy to me to walk outside to the pool and have everyone singing hymns and stuff, so i bet it was to sam too. i just remember thinking, as i watched sam standing in the pool waiting, that that was the most beautiful i've ever seen her. I dont know if she believes me when i tell her how happy i am for her, but i guess it doesnt really matter. anyway, operation baptize sam was a success.

i'm glad that jesse and todd got along this weekend. that made for an easier trip. thanks.

okay no more time to write right now.

be back later. maybe. ah who am i kiddin, no one cares.