30 July 2007


well... sort of.

i took some videos of her the other day and tried to post them, but something messed up and i didn't get back around to it. and then JESSE took some video and posted it and beat me to it. so yeah, whatever.

i'm astonished at how much YouTube degrades the quality of a video.

26 July 2007

Will It Blend?

i dont know if you guys have seen this, but these are great. this blender company promotes its blender by blending... everything. incredible. this thing is a beast.


Hockey Pucks

Glow Sticks

Rake Handle

iPhone (i love the slo-mo) (billy, you might not should watch)

6 Bic Lighters

25 July 2007

2 Things:

a) i got my $505 back from the bum projector i bought on eBay over a month ago! sweet sassy molassy that's a nice amount to have back. thank you, God... and PayPal.

b) jesse just put together a sweet wrap-up of the Colorado trip and recent goin's (it's got like a million pictures and everything).

Ludley or Dizzy?

she does look like a mix of the D-man and Lizzy!

huh. kind of looks like the same picture only zoomed/cropped.

it's not though.

24 July 2007

Say Hello to Dudley's Little Sister

we can't think of a name yet. her name was Oprah, but, well, that just won't do. i like human names, but i'm open to suggestions.

23 July 2007

The Band of Gold Reunites...

sort of...

friday night a couple of us went out to dinner with Mr. Cox (our old band director. and i do mean old. BOOYAH.) it was a lot of fun. we stayed out really late, which i didn't expect. BILLY was the first person to leave, so that says something (course i think he was leaving to get the new harry potter).

This Just Occured to Me

i was getting ready for work this morning when this revelation hit me...

Martin Starr

how funny is that?

i just added Undeclared to our Netflix.

18 July 2007

Cats of Interest!

i love the detail in this one of lizzy.

these 2 are pappert's cat, fry.

this is the feisty little feline that found it's way into my parents' house. she's funny.


what a delightful website this is. truly, i've been laughing out loud while reading through. the writing is so... entertaining.

here are the entries that won my heart:


Harry Potter Book Covers

50 Reasons Why Lord of the Rings Sucks

06 July 2007

Pictures of Stuff

just some recent things. we went to a car show the other day and saw some fireworks over at a friends place. i'll have more soon. just aint got the time. gotta go paint my projector screen! ...for good!