29 June 2007

2 Down, One to Go

well, i resolved 2 outstanding issues this week. there are as follows:


i got a replacement lens (my camera fell out the other day on the golf course. on the paved part of the golf course. it landed right on the lens (not my fisheye, thank you Jesus). so that was messed up.) i got the new one (like 2 weeks old or something) for $86 (retail $200?). it's an 18-55mm, so there's less zoom, but it's not noticeable. and this one is rated really good on distortion (lack of) and clarity. this will fill the void while i "save up" for the 18-200mm. (i need a zoom for people's faces)


i was tired of hassling with all the bullcrap bargain shopping. so i upped my research on DLP vs. LCD (this is a good simple comparison too), found a great Dell that i liked, and bought it. from a store. i'm going to hang it from the ceiling, build a screen out of the movie banner billy supplied me with, maybe put up some nice curtains, and get back to watch movies on my new (approx.) 85" TV.

however, still unresolved (hopefully soon to be resolved) is the issue of $500 with a particular ebayer. it's in Paypal's hands now, so hopefully they'll see the obvious and refund my money in the next month.

3.) we got our nutrisystem in. now you can all hold us accountable. i'm excited to not be so... fat anymore. i need to be around 210lbs or so. i think i'm around 260lbs(?) probably.

that's about it. scott's cat is coming to stay with us. i'm excited for dudley to have a friend over. he needs the company.

28 June 2007

27 June 2007

02 June 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Scott Aaron Or: How Scott Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

my biggest congratulations to doug and elissa. i think they're going to do just fine.

i think overall, scott was just concerned.

(taken by none other than josh scholes (post processing/cropping by me, of course))