19 June 2016

I Never Left, Really, But... I'm Back

My old host dropped my photography website so I'm redirecting to my old trusty blog for the time being. I haven't posted in a while, which is a shame because there's nothing quite like reading what 10yrs-ago-you had to say about something and being fairly embarrassed but also happy that that's not exactly you anymore.

As a dad of two little ones, my current photography endeavors are limited but they'll return one day. For now I'm the full time photographer for my family and friends... and I'm perfectly fine with that. All things in good time.

That and I still listen to tons of new music and try to share a new mix every month. So here we go... back to blogging and music and life.

(All past mixes and more can be found by clicking on the Spotify badge in the right margin)