30 January 2005

movie trailers

this is a pretty cool website if you wanna watch any movie trailers (includes upcoming and movies that are several years old).

just thought it'd be handy for someone.

26 January 2005

go see Ray

jess and i saw it last night at the $1.50 theater. it was quite amazing. jamie foxx did such an exceptional job. i found myself completely forgetting that he wasnt actually ray charles. so the movie has my support.

everybody got there oscar ballot printed off? i know i do. too bad i havent seen half the movies on the list. i've been wanting to though. i hate seeing moves that are up for oscars after they recieve their nomination (and especially after they win) because then it's like, "hey look at me, i'm seeing an independent film, but i'm not actually taking a gamble on it because it's already won awards." so, i always like to see as many as i can before the whole oscars thing. then i can say, "yes, i KNEW that was going to be a contender." so yeah, i havent seen...

the aviator
hotel rowanda (which in all fairness isnt showing anywhere near me)
million dollar baby
finding neverland

dangit. and of course, i am one of the 7 people who hasnt seen The Passion. but that's not because i couldnt. just havent been in that "i feel like watching the death of Jesus" mindset in a. . . well, as long as i can remember.

dudley hasnt been himself lately. i dont know if he's sick or hurt or just depressed. so if you remember, maybe say a prayer for him. i know, he's a cat. . . . but he's my cat (and jesse's) and i want him to be better.

"His work doesn't stop even when His name isn't mentioned"

19 January 2005


so i dont know how many of you loyal readers out there have seen the show LOST, but it's probably the greatest drama on tv ever (not counting MacGyver or Quantum Leap, of course). but seriously though, jesse and i watched 6 episodes last night and i cant wait to get back and watch more. "the show is... incredible" (in my best Napoleon Dynamite impression). so... you should definitely watch it. the only bad thing is, it comes on at 8/7c, so i'll pretty much never see it on tv (because of church and music practice), but the copies off the internet are probably better looking. so whatever.

for those of you who HAVE seen the show, you might appreciate this little bit of secret information i happened upon.

18 January 2005

this is pretty creepy

these are a bunch of pictures of fish that washed up from the tsunami. these fish scare me.

(you have to give them some time to load)

16 January 2005

nap time

okay i'm back.

had a good break. got some new shoes.

i wanted the ones from Life Aquatic, but they sort of dont make them, so i found some others in the same style. i almost picked these...

but i figured i already had black ones (but those asics are pretty sweet too).

i just finished watching the last 30 min of Saved! and i wont lie, i feel the entire movie is a bit misinformed. the whole time it felt like all the characters were using Jesus as a scapegoat or as an insult or something. i kept looking for the light at the end, but it never came. in fact, it appeared more to say that Chritianity or believing in God wasnt as much of a necessity as just being accepting of everyone and their ways. i dont know. maybe i missed something. i just feel like it's a really not great movie for people who are in question of God and everything. i dont think there are any answers in it. but hey, give it a whirl if you feel like it.

nap time.