30 January 2004

i know you are, but what am i?

well, it's been a week, so i guess i'll write something. (i've just been having so much fun reading everyone else's that i haven't felt like it.)

so i won't have an engineering job this semester after all. after i finally got a hold of the guy, he said (as if i already knew the information he was telling me (which i did not)), "well, like i said before, we don't have anything for you right now." like he said before?? yeah, i never heard that. and another thing, if i ever become an engineer, i'm going to return people's calls. EVERYone's calls. because that's the right thing to do. and it's just courteous. i cant STAND when people don't return my calls! holy crap it makes me mad.

i am all about these internet radio stations. ever since i started getting into movie music, i've wondered why they don't have a radio station out there that plays movie soundtracks. well stop the presses because THEY DO! i found a station through RealOne player that plays all sorts of movie music all day. i love it. i usually just leave it going all day (and sometimes night). and i'd say i recognize about 1 out of 7 songs they play, which may not sound great, but you have to realize how many friggin movies there are out there. (there are a ton.) i also have several drum & bass stations on my favorites list. and they come in at like 128Kbps or more. it's so great. this part of the country, i think, just really doesn't seem to appreciate that kind of music. maybe it's our country in general. i dunno. that's one of the one things i always appreciated about todd. i felt like he was one of the few people i could listen to electronic music with without worrying if the other person was getting bored or not.

i was reading about Jupiter and it's Red Spot in my Chaos book. it's SO interesting. (i was talking to jess about this) i hope when i go to heaven, all the answers of the universe aren't revealed to me in a flash of light or anything. i want to still be curious about everything and get to go find out the answers. can you imagine knowing everything? i would hate it. how old would that get? and fast! ugh. oh yeah, but the Big Red Spot. it's really interesting to read about a lot of the initial theories. i gotta go find more information on it. i would love to be an astronaut after we invent the warp drive. this chaos book is like a history book of how chaos was found and the steps that mathematicians/physicists have gone though since it's discovery. it's really interesting.

i've started playing keyboards for my church which is kind of an answer to a prayer i never prayed. it's really great because it gives me at least one creative musical outlet. and i fell like i can really contribute to our church's music ensemble. not even so much in my incredible musical skills... but more so in that i think i have a good ear for balance and can really assist in that. i hope i do well.

i think i've been "sick" for the past month. my stupid sinuses. and now the ligament or something under my knee hurts. i think it wasn't used to running, so i overexerted it or something when i got back and started playing frisbee. so now i have to give it a week before i do anything. so THAT rules...

i guess sunday at doug's or something(?)

i just got my chacos resoled! apparently, chaco (or vibram. i cant remember) doesn't distribute the original soles for resoling purposes, but i got some that look similar. the sole on mine had broken through to the straps. i think it was a $30 well spent.

i was going to get new footbeds and soles put on my 'stocks, but it would've ended up costing upwards of $60. so i'm thinking about just getting a new pair off ebay for $50. we'll see. i'm in no urgent need for sandals.

oh and just in case anyone was wondering, i did a word count on me and scott's recent entries and here are the results:

me: 702
scott: sucks big time

(and that doesn't count that last sentence.) (or that one.) (or that one.) (or that one.) (or that one.) (or that one.) (or that one.) (or that one.)

(or this one.)

23 January 2004

i thought i'd lost you, nalgene

shortly after i got back home yesterday from my one class, i realized i was no longer in possession of my precious nalgene bottle. i quickly came to the conclusion that the nalgene bottle i had carried with me all over europe, was probably lying on a seat on one of the many T buses. motherf-er. i couldn't believe it! after all we had been through, all of our journeys and mishaps, it was simply removed from me by a single trip on the stupid T bus. by stupid gravity. unbelievable. just as i had accepted the fact that some wanker had probably swiped it already, jesse comes into my room and hands it to me. the Lord is good. she had asked one of the drivers and he radioed the others and the bus behind him said he had it. miraculous. man. good stuff. thank you, jess.

i burned the hair off my thumb via my zippo and a can of Raid. rock on.

had a great party with everyone last night. and apparently the sangria was the best to date. at one point there were 15 people over here. a special thanks to dobbs and hg for helping with the preparations.

22 January 2004

(for those who live over seas)

titles are stupid

i went to a meeting with several other exchange students who had just returned the other night. it was good. kind of like a re-entry sort of thing, but was cool was that most of the advice they gave to us i had sort of already figured out on my own and through talking to my dad. so that made me happy. plus i got a free pizza at the end of the night (which i just finished eating) because there weren't many people there.

ate at olive garden last night, but got duped by the endless soup/salad/bread deal because it was like $2 more for dinner (which isn't really THAT bad, but still). it was a nice dinner. except for super rude sam who kept bothering everyone. (i think she's on her period.)

i just printed off a CRAP load of sheet music. if anyone needs ANY piece by chopin, just let me know...because i have all of them.


oh yeah, and i don't know if i like oc or not. it's stupid, but sort of fun to watch. i think.

i'm getting used to my staticly super charged room. but don't even THINK about touching the tv antenna. it still hurts BIG time.

20 January 2004

i went skiing this weekend. it was rainging the whole time but we still had a lot a fun. jordan's friend, warren, went with us. he's a pretty funny guy. bizarre as all get out, but funny. i love snowboarding. it's a such a fun motion. i think it's more difficult to learn than skiiing, but the payoff is great.

i had an interesting conversation with my dad on the way home regarding my recent feelings of not fitting in. basically, i came away understanding this: people go and do things that change their lives all the time; things that, in many cases, are much more extreme than mine, but they come back, hold on to their memories, tell people bits and pieces of them here and there, and go on with their lives. because that's all you can do. and i think that's a difficult thing to do because you basically have to accept that the world doesn't revolve around you and your adventures (unless you're indiana jones, i guess), but at the same time realize how amazing what you did was. i guess it's that way with a lot of things in life. i think my problem lately hasn't so much been that i've wanted everyone to be interested in the last 5 months of my life, but more that i've just needed someone to talk to and relate to about it. someone who was either there or had a similar account. because i'm more than happy to answer questions from people, but there's so much that happened and that's in my head, i'd rather not even begin trying to explain my time in hungary to someone who knows nothing of it. it's just painstaking on my part. i mean, you have to figure people are only interested in about a 30 second summary of my 4 months there. how do i even do that?

"hey! how was it??"

"it changed my life."

"great! good to have you back."


i don't know. i guess you just have to suck it up and press on. i guess it gives you a better understanding of others though and how they think and want to be heard. who knows?

i saw big fish last night. i thought it was great. it was one of tim burton's most "normal" movies, but you could certainly still see his creepiness in there. i think i probably missed a lot of symbolism in there, but i was kind fo tired and just happy to watch.

failed a quiz and didn't turn in my homework in on of my classes today all because i dont have a stupid book yet. i shouldve just bought it at the store (rather than ordering it) (or i shouldve ordered it earlier).

is scott back yet?

HOLY CRAP!! i just deleted this whole thing and was about to cry when i right clicked and saw that there's an "undo" option! THANK YOU, BLOGGER!

14 January 2004

i call him rec-lor

i went to the new rec center today because the bubble was closed until 4pm and as nice as shelbourne is, i can't do all the things i want to do. so yeah, that place is huge. i mean, really huge. and there were TONS of people there. so many freakin machines. like they have these massive machines that work the same muscles as you a simple excercise with free weights could do. but i guess most people don't know how to use free weights . . . well. nice place though.

13 January 2004

i really just dont feel like being on the computer at all lately.

it's kind of boring.

or maybe i just burned out on it this past semester.
i'm really fascinated with hot water and cold air. there's just something cool about steam.

i dont really know of anything else to write.

yesterday was the first bout of physical activity i've had in almost a month. that was nice.

i rule at throwing frisbee.

11 January 2004

we went and saw Lost in Translation tonight. it was really great. it was such a subtle movie, but the idea and situation it presented was so realistic and easy to relate to. just how people come into your lives for such a short period of time, but leave such an impression; or even change you're life. it's something. i highly recommend the film.

am i wrong to be concerned about todd's relationship with jess? everynow and then i hear about something that really bothers me a lot, but i'm not supposed to say anything about it because i wasn't informed about "it" by both "parties".

i dont know.

school starts tomorrow. i don't know my schedule yet. i hope i dont have an 8 o clock class because i'll be really late to it.

welcome back.

i miss hungary.

06 January 2004

i'm really starting to miss hungary. i miss the city. i miss all of my friends. maybe it'll get better when i get to hang out with my friends from here. i dont know, but it's not great right now. i still sort of feel distant from everything / everyone. i dont know what to do. i guess i'll just go back to school.

i got the new aphex twin cd yesterday. it rules.
hey everyone. sorry i havent written anything in my journal or done anything to my website. i havent felt like it. and i've been ill. and in florida. but i'm heading back to knoxville on thursday and you'll probably start hearing from me again then.

i hope everyone that i havent spoken to in a while is alright.