21 September 2004


so on my way to class this morning, i fell off my bike and jammed/sprained/chipped two of my fingers...

and it wasnt a cool fall either. i stepped onto one side of the bike (as i tend to do at times) and somehow the bike fell over (although it felt like it fell out from under me) and i landed on my fingers. it hurt real bad. i was almost in a daze after it happened. like i just sat there for a sec trying to figure out what the crap i just did. then i got up and went off to class (needless to say it made for one of the more uncomfortable computing experiences). oh yeah, and i landed on my right hand as you can see. i knew i shouldve put more time towards becoming ambidextrous. anyway, this is a fairly maltimed injury (course i guess the immobilization of your prefered hand is always an inconvenience). never have i had a professor that refuses to make copies of his notes. until now. even if you come to him after class, he'll make you sit there in his office and hand copy them. then of course there's my computer class (which i'm working on mouse thing). and on top of that, i start my job tomorrow (which i have worked hard to get)... doing AutoCAD (on a computer). and then, when i asked the doctor if i'd ever play piano again, she said she didnt know. but seriously, i guess i wont be playing this week at church. so maybe the title shouldn't be 'irony', because like i said, this would be an inconvenience at any point in you life. maybe i shouldve titled it s.o.b.

16 September 2004

blog much? no.

so i guess i'm the only one who doesnt blog anymore. i say "i guess" because i never read anyone else's blog either (no offense). i just never feel like it. i dont mess with my website either. too busy i guess. granted you make time for what you want to do, but... i dont know. maybe i dont want to.

anyhoo, watch Battle Royale. it's awesome.

i've been remembering fond times in Hungary and Europe in general lately. they make me smile. like remembering a good dream. only it was a great dream.

i think i have a job working for a "big" structural engineering company in town here. i think they're going to pay me (how much i dont know yet) to work on AutoCAD 5-6 hrs a day, 3 days a week (give or take). so that's really great. i think later on i'd like to work for ExxonMobil. they pay well and i'd get to travel.

i got a sweet Coleman tent for jesse and i to camp in. i'm looking forward to seeing it in action. i'm also looking forward to getting hit by Ivan... sort of.

well, i guess i dont really expect anyone to read this, so if you do... i appreciate it.