14 June 2012

June (& May) Music Mix

June Album Art

Well, it just happened again... I created the greatest mix ever. And actually, I split them up into two mixes, thus fine-tuning the art of mixes in ways never thought possible.

12.06 I Need Time to Stop Moving

12.06 Everything That Shine Ain't Always Gonna be Gold
(i.e. the stuff you won't hear on Grey's Anatomy)

I didn't get a chance to make a post for last month's mix, but here it is (it previously held the record for greatest mix ever):

12.05 Don't Leave Without Me

09 June 2012

Favorite Tracks That Aren't on Spotify

Even though I use Spotify 24/7, there's a lot of music that won't ever make it there. These are some of the tracks that I keep listening to that aren't on there. (Warning: There are bad words in some of these)

21 April 2012

April Music Mix


(It's cool, now you can listen to the songs straight off of Sharemyplaylist.com. Maybe posting a link to the tracklist is redundant since you can just as easily see it in Spotify. Either way.)

There is a lot of dance on this mix. I just wasn't really into the lighter indie stuff this month. Still some great stuff. I love the Warrior track from Kimbra, Foster the People and A-trak. Diplo, Rusko and Miike Snow put out some great stuff this month. Just give it a listen. Oh and theres a fantastic version of Sexual Healing on there. Louisiana marching band style. Love it.

03 April 2012

Josh Hunter vs. The World: No Subtitle Necessary

Spotify Playlist Challenge!

I know we've all been sitting there listening to a song and thought, "This would be so great in a movie." So I decided to put together the soundtrack to my first movie. It doesn't have the most unifying theme by any means, but I think it'll make sense if you think about it like…

Fast & the Furious vs. Eternal Sunshine vs. Little Miss Sunshine vs. Training Day vs. Jerry Maguire vs. Snatch vs. Face/Off

If you have trouble imaging where a particular track goes, just imagine a car chase, a fist fight, inner character turmoil, or a hazy west coast sunset. Could also be a montage. There's definitely gonna be some montages.

This was actually difficult to do. Do you pick new music or classic? Hold the same theme throughout? Is 50 tracks too much? (of course it is) but I did it! And I want you to too. Make a playlist for your movie and share it. It's really fun and I wanna hear it.

19 February 2012

February Mix

Hey everyone. 'Nother mix. The bad news is that I'm only doing this one on Spotify. The good news is, you don't have to wait several more day for it and instead of 200mb of music, it's about 6hrs worth (still carefully selected though). I'm just way too busy at the moment to put several hours into putting the music together and uploading and everything. The fact is, I use Spotify to listen to 90% of the music out there, at work and at home, so I don't even have most of this stuff on my hard drive, and I'm totally fine with that. I don't feel like I need to own it. I even pay $5/mo for no ads (like Pandora, it's free with ads). It's 100% worth it. So if you aren't on Spotify yet, you're really missing out on the greatest music app to come along since Napster. It's revolutionary. I realize not everyone has the capabilities to listen to it wherever they want, but hopefully you can find a way to implement it in your listening. I hope this doesnt cause a bunch of you to not be able to listen. I don't want to leave anyone out, I'm just too busy for the other this time around.

If you don't have Spotify, get it here: http://www.spotify.com/uk/