03 April 2012

Josh Hunter vs. The World: No Subtitle Necessary

Spotify Playlist Challenge!

I know we've all been sitting there listening to a song and thought, "This would be so great in a movie." So I decided to put together the soundtrack to my first movie. It doesn't have the most unifying theme by any means, but I think it'll make sense if you think about it like…

Fast & the Furious vs. Eternal Sunshine vs. Little Miss Sunshine vs. Training Day vs. Jerry Maguire vs. Snatch vs. Face/Off

If you have trouble imaging where a particular track goes, just imagine a car chase, a fist fight, inner character turmoil, or a hazy west coast sunset. Could also be a montage. There's definitely gonna be some montages.

This was actually difficult to do. Do you pick new music or classic? Hold the same theme throughout? Is 50 tracks too much? (of course it is) but I did it! And I want you to too. Make a playlist for your movie and share it. It's really fun and I wanna hear it.

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