24 February 2004

this is data

this is data. he came by my apartment today and ate my food. and he knows a lot of the same people i know.

he's a special little guy.

oh man

oh man. i just got a highlighter and a schedule book. i'm SO gettin' organized.

(and yeah, i realize i'm going to forget i even have it in 2 weeks.)

so when is jeff coming to visit?

23 February 2004

so this hungarian guy linked to website back in november

so this hungarian guy linked to website back in november. how bizarre? how bizarre. i left a comment on his latest blog to see if i could figure out what it was about (because everything is in hungarian). we'll see.

this is the entry in which i'm mentioned (it's like the second or so link in the entry).

so i dont get it

so i dont get it. is all of this stuff with t*dd (the * is to protect those involved) really not as big of a deal as it sounds? i'm just really hoping that it just SEEMS big because it's on the internet (and everyone knows: the internet makes things bigger). because i KNOW that NO one would purposely add this sort of drama to their lives and those surrounding.

so what the crap is going on? does t*dd treat all of his new friends as well as he does my girlfriend? i sure hope not.

does t*dd understand that there's a fine line between being honest and being hurtful? i can't even tell anymore.

and i really hate that lately, more often than not, i feel like i dont even know t*dd. what's going? i feel like it's been growing further and further in this direction ever since sometime sophomore year (mine), as far as i can recall.

what happened?

16 February 2004

i think i'll take up ee cummings' titling system

i think i'll take up ee cummings' titling system. snowboarding friggin rules. yeah, i went to ober on Friday night. i've always heard such crappy things about it but i thought it was pretty cool. it was so mountainy! i had a great time. snowboarding is just so much fun. i need to buy one. yes. that's it. i went with some fellow engineering students. chad was snowboarding around with a backpack full of Coors (light, i think). a good time was had by all.

jess and i didnt do anything "big" for vday, but i think we're both okay with that. i personally dont feel the need to express my love on one particular day of the year. but i do. and i guess that's how it goes sometimes. anyhoo...

i'm all about finding all these cool new fonts for me to use on my website.

i guess that's about it. church went really well. it was a smaller group up there doing the music (me, jess, and 2 other guys). we got several comments on it, so that made me feel like i was doing what i should be doing.

oh yeah. there was a "discussion" on homosexuality in this human sexuality class last thursday. sam (our preacher), a unitarian, a metropolitan(?), and a catholic guy were there fielding questions. i thought sam did awesome. the unitarians seem lame. "well, there are so many rules in the bible that we break everyday, that there's really no need to be "sticklers" on any of them." yowza. and the metroloitan church is made up of all but 30% gay people. hoo-ah. so sam makes it fairly clear that he is against homosexuality and thinks it's wrong, but he doesn't judge those people and he feelings are out of love for them. but of course this one girl (in a rather rude manner) asks how he thinks he has the right to judge them or turn them away from him or how he has the right to refuse to marry them, insinuating that he doesnt have that right as a christian (or something like that (you get the point)). and after the girl asks her question, this one half of the room starts clapping and this one jackass stands up saying "amen" and whatnot. it was difficult to watch. and then sam's like BAM! BOOYAH! right in her face. only it was really him saying, "well, yeah, i do have that right. do you have the right to intervene on a friend's dangerous drinking habits or something like that?" and the girl was like, "well, i'm just stupid like that i guess." i cant remember if she said that or that she didnt understand. either way. i proud of sam. he definitely owned her. and that whole dumbass side of the room. there was more to the dicussion, but as you've probably already noticed, it'd lose a lot in me typing it and whatnot.

i can't wait to sleep. and eat. i'm hungry.

i miss hungary.

11 February 2004

holy crap. the song Death Letter by White Stripes is so friggin sweet. download it now. but get the "live session" version.

thanks again, jeff.

so awesome.

08 February 2004

okay so the White Stripes played the song Seven Nations Army and some other song on the grammys tonight. does anyone know what that other song was?

because i dont.

and i'd like to.

oh yeah. and here's a few snapshots of my burka weekend extravaganza...

not everyone was so happy to be there...

05 February 2004

get ready

hey everyone. i know i haven't done diddley squat to my website since i've been back, but i'm going to start putting random pictures from my trip that i think people will like to see up on my main page. and i think i'll change it once a week. so don't be a stranger.
one of the weirdest things in a while happened today... i saw wayne begarly (sp?) (a.k.a. little scott burka). and for a second there, i really thought i was in MJ. that was the weirdest part. and seeing wayne. that was weird too. nah, he's a good guy. he seemed well. he does band.

i have to go to bed now. but there's more.