23 February 2004

so i dont get it

so i dont get it. is all of this stuff with t*dd (the * is to protect those involved) really not as big of a deal as it sounds? i'm just really hoping that it just SEEMS big because it's on the internet (and everyone knows: the internet makes things bigger). because i KNOW that NO one would purposely add this sort of drama to their lives and those surrounding.

so what the crap is going on? does t*dd treat all of his new friends as well as he does my girlfriend? i sure hope not.

does t*dd understand that there's a fine line between being honest and being hurtful? i can't even tell anymore.

and i really hate that lately, more often than not, i feel like i dont even know t*dd. what's going? i feel like it's been growing further and further in this direction ever since sometime sophomore year (mine), as far as i can recall.

what happened?

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