27 March 2003

Well i studied two nights this week for a toto of about 4 hrs for my soils test. I went to take it this morning and yada yada yada, holy shit. MAN i failed it. The last part of the test was so simple but i got everything mixed up. All of the sudden pore pressure and pressure head were the exact same thing in my mind. That was a bad thing. Son of a bitch. I hope others had an equal amount of trouble. I don't know. Anyway, so i sat through about 25 min of my next class (hydrology), during which he talked about our class participation and how it will affect our grade (luckily only for the good). I was prepared to skip hydrology, but i went in there for a min because someone had something i needed to look at for a later class. So after he finished talking about a project we have to do, i got up and left. All i could think about was how badly i wanted to go to sleep and never wake up . . . or at least for a 2 months. I'm in there everyday. Only about half of the actual class shows up and I'm in that minority so i think its okay. I told him 'sorry' as i walked out. i think he understood. So i did go home and sleep and woke up about 2 pm to come meet a guy over here in Perkins and he's not here and I've been here for 45 minutes now and i'm about to leave because i'm getting pissed and i dont know why he's not here.

Why does it feel like I'm just trying to make it through the day everyday of the week? I don't know how much more i can do like this. Every week i'm just struggling to make it to the end of thursday so that i can calm down and not be pressed to do engineering work. What the shit am i doing?? AND WHERE'S THAT GUY?? I feel like i'm weeks behind where i should be and i just can't catch up. . . . . okay he just showed up, i feel a little better.

Do i have too much going on? I don't know. I hate to think that stuff has to be this way. The other day i was thinking about the idea of being a physics teacher in High School and it really sounded like a fun idea to me. I mean, it really did. I'd get to teach kids about stuff that i know like the back of my hand. It's not like it would even be difficult physics. Do you know how many people don't realize that a bullet shot from a gun and one dropped and the same moment will hit the ground at the same time? (assuming the gun is shot horizontally) A lot of them. Especially high school students. The idea of sharing what i know with others really appeals to me. For example, I'm so looking forward to having kids because I'm gonna tell them everything i know and they're gonna be smart. Way smarter than me. How rewarding would that be if i could do that for a living? Sure i'm not thinking about having to grade papers and how little I'd get paid, but i don't know. It sounds like a lot of fun. I should ask Mr. Lewis about it if i ever really begin to consider it. Oh well.

that's all for now. gotta go work on a lab report or sleep. at least tomorrow is friday. I love mon, wed, and fri. Those are the days that i have no engineering classes to attend.

That's IT! I could major in teaching high school physics and minor in Film Studies! holy CRAP. That might just make me the happiest man EVER! Just think how long I'd live if i was that happy! I'd just have to figure out what to do about the money part. We'll see.


24 March 2003

I didn't write any last week because i sat around and did nothing all day. EXCEPT for when i went and ate chinese food for lunch every day and when i went to see About Schmidt. About Schmidt was excellent. It was a bit of a different role than you're used to seeing Jack Nicholson in. It was also just as sad as it was funny . . . and it was pretty funny. It was just a real classic story of someone reaching the end of their life and contemplating what difference they've made. And of course Jack did a wonderful job, as usual. The ending really caught me off gaurd and i was a little put off by it. But the more i've thought about it, the more I've realized how its the perfect ending for what the movie is saying. He just wanted to make a difference in someone's life; to leave behind something right that he did.

Then we went and saw The Hours on saturday. I had a little bit of trouble relating to the story because it was about women and stuff, but i still thought it was a really cool movie. The way they intertwined the 3 time periods was great; also, how they all related to each other. There was really great editing. And acting for that fact. Meryl Streep's character is just pathetic to me. I have trouble feeling sorry for her. It was similar in Adaptation (which is an AWESOME movie).

Then we watched the Oscars last night (oh yeah and war started wednesday, i believe). I disagreed with some of the choices of winners. I wish that chicago hadn't won so many awards. Anyway, the foolish Michael Moore and his anti-bush propaganda. Someone needs to explain a bit of etiquette to that guy. Because you can't just go around doing that and expect to maintain credibility. In the after oscar press questionaire he kept going on about how he was an american and his right to free speech. Yeah that great and all, but thats no excuse for being an ass to people. An awards ceremony, free speech or not, is niether the time nor the place for slandering our president. Holy crap. At the question dealie afterwards, someone asked why he did it and he answered, "Because I'm an American." Then there was silence for about 10 seconds until the reporter said, "That's it??" I was glad he said that because i was thinking the same thing. THAT'S IT?? THAT'S your reason?? That's ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I think he's really good at making movies, but he's a bit super liberal for me.

Okay, so Scholes just gave me a new frisbee to replace the last one, so now everything is cool. Not that all i wanted was simply a replacement, just some sort of explaination for what happened. Which i got. I'm impressed that he confronted me because he isn't one for that kind of stuff. anywho.

I think I'd like to write about the war situation, but not now. Soon though.

17 March 2003

We took Pappert to Atlanta yesterday. It's kind of depressing driving that far (260 somethin' miles) just to turn around and come right back. I think we could've planned that out better. I guess that's what i get for not participating in the planning phase. But dangit, I dont like to always be the one who has to plan stuff. Overall, the trip was very pleasant and relaxing. We left with plenty of time to get there and everything worked out fine. Pappert even got a nappy-wappy in the car.

Jon's away message is still there. Going on the 3 days now. Hmmm.

I'm glad i didnt have to drive back to school today. And that i have all week to sit around and do whatever. What I NEED to do is get out and see some movies! I just dont have the time during school.

Ah well, I'm off to make some adirondack chairs. Either that or shower. I haven't done that in a few days.

15 March 2003

Big entry time.

CAUTION: when i get into this stream of conscious type writing, i tend to leave out words and/or letters. so i leave it up to you for necessary inferences.

Man, yesterday was semi depressing. I only had one class, but had to get up 9.5 am to work on a lab and hydology homework. For those of you thinking about taking Hydrology...don't. I just really dont get into watersheds and whatnot. I think I'd like school a lot better if most of my classes were half as long as they currently are. Then I would learn interesting facts but I wouldn't be in there long enough to develop a hatred. I don't know. Anyway, after i got done with my one class, I had to go back to my engineering building and finish my work.

I hate being the last one to leave school. Jesse tried to wait for me but I was going to be too long, so I told her to leave (i could tell she really wanted to be on time. I did too, but I wasn't going to speed home just so no one would say anything like, "well what a surprise!" So help me, if someone had, I probably would have lost it...big time.) Speaking of almost losing it, why do jon's away messages always sound like a soap opera? I wish i could help him or something. Geez. I hope he's alright. His last message could have been SLIGHTLY more uplifting than they were. I just checked it and it's the same message that was there almost 2 days ago. Hope he's alright.

Something else that pissed me off? Scholes took my frisbee with him to New York. It's not that i mind him borrowing. Not at all. I do mind him STEALing it though. And on top of that Scott wasn't supposed to tell me that he took it. Why would he not ask me?? i don't get it. I guess he gets a kick out of taking things. His past would certainly confirm that. But it still bugs me. A lot.

It was nice to eat dinner with everyone last night at Olive Garden. I highly recommend the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. Our waiter offered those who were 21 a free sample of wine. I was the only one who had some. It was only like a quarter of a glass and i must say, I'm no wine expert, but it was the best wine I've had thus far. (it was white. good thing too because i don't think i like red much). My favorite part was when he asked for my ID. Wait...that didn't happen. Interesting. I guess he just caught up in all the excitement of the Olive Garden.

Then, after dinner, Pappert and I stopped by my house before heading to Scott's because I came straight from K-town to the Garden. After initial functions at the burka domain, we went over to the high school football field and threw frisbee. MAN, was it awesome frisbee weather. There was NO wind and it must've been about 60°-65°. Just perfect. I absolutely love throwing a fribee around. Especially when we have enough room that i can really open up and let it go. It's just a wonderful thing. I think one of the things that draws me to frisbee is te finesse it takes to be good at it (as opposed to throwing other objects). I feel like anyone can pick up a baseball and let it rip with fairly good results. But a frisbee. It's just different. And it makes me very happy.

We actually saw Johnna last which is an oddity in itself. We NEVER see her. She seemed in good health (not counting the whole "smoking" thing). We had a bit of a fart-a-thon back at scott's before bed, but she didn't really get into that. Phhht...girls. go figure.

On a side note, I'm pretty sure I've had an eye migraine this whole time because everytime i blink or look at the moniter i see a faint flash of light in the upper right corner of my vision. That's a pretty good sign of one. That and they feel like i just got punched in both of them.

I guess I should start making preparations for next semester, now that I'm definitely going. I'm not sure if I think about it in terms of me definitely going yet. It's really exciting to think of all that i might get to see. The Alps. The Carpathian Mtns. Yugoslavia! So awesome. Mrs. Burka told about these Hungarian bros. she has in her class. I think I'll meet them. And I need to start learning Hungarian. .

This should be enough for now.

13 March 2003

Enter day 3 of pappert.

Ha ha. Jesse got caught stealing templates by eccentric ann. Hope you learned your lesson, which is: only stealers steal.

Was anyone else outside during the 1 minute downpour? Because I was. Luckily it stopped no more than 10 seconds after I entered my building.

maybe i'll think of more to write later.

probably not.

07 March 2003

So I guess I'm on the blogger bandwagon now. Ah well, we'll see how this works out. These won't be uber-deep or anything. More like thoughts of the day from josh. YOU know how it is.

02.07.08 For those random people who, like myself, enjoy checking out a person's first entry, I thought I'd throw this little easter egg (josh style) out there. Later. (Man this was so long ago when I started!)