11 August 2009

Wordpress Problems

I'm not sure what's happened to our wordpress blog. I posted an entry this morning and after I was done it said my blog was violation of the Terms of Service. And wordpress seems really not nice about that. I'm not even sure if i can get the content back. This is really bumming me out.

if anyone has our blog in their "reader" or something please save it as it might be the only copy we have now.

This is lovely...

Suspended Blogs

When you sign up for a blog here at wordpress.com, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms of Service (TOS). In fact, the page has a check box next to this:

I have read and agree to the fascinating terms of service.

As such, there is really no excuse for not knowing what is and is not allowed.

Blogs are suspended if they are found to be in breach of the TOS.

We do not contact you first to ask that content be modified or removed.

You may NOT have that blog name back.

You may NOT have the blog content back.

We take our Terms of Service very seriously and act on each and every feedback we get in order to investigate potential breaches. Our terms are enforced on a daily basis.

We want WordPress.com to be a pleasant and safe environment for all of our valued users.

So yeah. Wordpress is kind of an *******.

UPDATE: Glad I didn't elaborate anymore on my anger towards wordpress because they got back to us the next day saying they didn't know what happened and the blog was back up and it wouldn't happen again. SO my apologies about the whole ******* thing. That's why you don't blog angry.