28 August 2004

saturday ho!

well, first off, you may notice a few differences on my page. there's the bar at the top that you can use to search for other blogs and also if you click "next" it will take you to some random blog (i think one where that person just posted and entry). so that's cool. also, there's the little green exit guy button over there to the right. that's more for if someone's reading this at work and shouldnt be. you can just click on him and it takes you to the weather channel's website (something neutral i decided on). so, if you're ever in need, just click on that. let's see, i also added quentin tarantino's and michael moore's blog over there to the right. thought those might be interesting. qt's is better that mmoore's. and i added this really interesting page that shows the movie title screenshots from like every movie ever made (under the links parts). it's pretty cool. oh and i'm about to add billy's phone cam blog thing. just check it out sometime.

anywho, we went to see Napoleon Dynamite last night. that was hilarious. i highly recommend it.

and before that we had a square dancing thing at my church where everyone learned to square dance. ...it was... good. i just dont like most dancing. even if it is in a "square".

and then after the movie (which we saw with like 20 friends from church), jesse and aaron and i went to the "old town" part of knoxville and walked around and "clubbed" and whatnot. it's really cool over there. i like it better than "the strip". i'd really like to look inot the public transprtation over to that area.

things to do this week:

1.find a job
2.go see Zatoichi and Garden State

i guess that about does it.

no wait! there's more! check out my newest toy:

except mine has about 5 or 6 different colors and combinations that it cycles through.

night ultimate, here we come.

24 August 2004

okay i guess it's time to start back up

alright it's been a month now,so i guess i'll write SOMEthing. school just started and it's good. i'm really enjoying living with jon and aaron. they're a lot of fun. and dudley too. he's awesome. and jesse. :)

well, frisbee has been way too freakin crowded since school started. i finally got to swim tonight. i was gonna last night, but sam ran into a curb twice and blew a tire, so i went and fixed it.

we went to buffalo wild wings tonight. good stuff. $0.99 domestic drafts every day (i think). so that's fun.

okay i'm really freakin tired. i'll finish this tomorrow.