26 April 2004

so rather than putting all these pictures i wanted everyone to see in my blog, i put them on my main page

so rather than putting all these pictures i wanted everyone to see in my blog, i put them on my main page. there were enough that it was worth it. you gotta see this dog. it's so wonderfully funny. everytime i've gotten upset at something whilst sitting here at my computer, my mood has been completely changed simply by seeing my background, which is one of the lying down pictures.

my family came up this weekend and stayed from mid saturday to mid sunday. it was fun. i've been wanting them to come up visit my church and stuff. i've really come to love and take pride in my church. this past semester has been great for all of us (at my church) i think. particularly me. i truly look forward to attending every event we have. at first the smallness of it makes you feel fairly exposed, but i've come to take comfort in that too. sam thought it was weird or the people were weird or something, but i think she's just a jerk. (and she thinks i'm a jerk because i'm not my normally jolly self around her. (i'm not normally jolly). and if i WERE, she get freaked out because that's not how i normally am. anyhoo... the church...) yeah, i really love the smallness of it. it's such a great atmosphere for learning and growing. and such a contrast to UT. i've gotten so used to the smallness, that it's hard to really appreciate larger congregational churches now. i'm not saying those are bad or not as good, just saying i've found what works well for me.

jordan is coming up here to UT next year. that's neat to think about. i havent gone to the same school as him (at the same time) since elementary school (i was in 5th and he was in 2nd). after that we always missed each other by one year. i've sort of missed out on some big growing years of his. not totally, but things have changed a lot since i left for college. i've really enjoyed the time i've gotten to spend with him in the last year or so. he's a pretty cool guy. i hope he does band.

he showed me this movie downloading site that's pretty sweet. i finally got Bubba Ho-tep. it was very Army of Darkness-esque (and awesome). jordan also showed me this other music DLing program, Ares. it's a nice change.

there are more things, i think. i found this guy Chris O'Riley, that plays Radiohead songs on piano, but they are really beautiful versions of them rather than just straight transcriptions. very interesting.

okay time to go help jesse. she's just decided against writing a paper that isnt optional. go look at those dogs some more. it'll do you good.

22 April 2004

i dont know if any of you have heard the song Let Down by Radiohead, but you should. it's a good song, but i've been listening to a version by that string quartet and it's so beautiful. you gotta check it out. so great.
i literally just finished the worst night of frisbee in my entire life. i could not have done anything worse. dang.

20 April 2004


yeah. KILL BILL Vol. 2 was really great. i think it was a really good contrast to Vol. 1. Like how the character of Bill went from untouchable and mysterious to very human (and yet not always). and on the whole, i just thought it was a really good film. quite well-rounded. i still think the first one rocked, but they were good for different reasons. man, i really felt claustrophobic in that one part! that was good cinema!

the frisbee tournament was pretty cool on saturday. my makeshift team was doomed to fail. but i really just wanted to play. i know i'm not great at running, but why couldnt i be a substitute or something on my friends' team? (i mean, i do throw the frisbee better than your average bear, right?) they never even ask me if i want to play on things. i mean, it's not like they just stopped asking me, they just never did. i guess i just didnt think i was that bad of an athlete. oh well. TDC did really well. i put several of the day's pictures up on my main page. (nice job, elissa)

the roof party was good.

oh yeah. we learned to foxtrot and waltz on friday night before viewing KB2. as slow and lame as those are, it can be quite tiring after 2 hrs. this old couple, that taught us, could dance EVERYthing. you want funny. watch old people cha cha. that's good stuff.

i won a white LED underbody kit for $70 yesterday! i dont think it does any patterns, BUT here's why i optioned for this:
1] i dont know how long i'll have my current car. i'm in "talks" with my dad about another car once i acquire employment.
2] the one that did patterns would have cost me $130-$140, therefore, a 50% price reduction is enough incentive to get a step down (also see reason 1)
3] i dont know if the next owner of my car will want this. if they have no objections to it, i will probably leave it on my sable, therefore i'd rather not get a top of the line one (one that does 10 patterns) because if any of you have every wired something before, you'll understand me not wanting to remove something such as this that takes a lot of time to put on (not that i mind the time it takes to put stuff like this on. me accomplishing the installation is a big reason i love this stuff). anyhoo... i'm excited.

and i think white will look sweet (and not ghetto). plus i dont remember the last time i saw white lights under a car. seems classier to me :) it should look something like this...

(only it will be white rather of blue)

could be worse. i could be her. and you thought I was LED crazy! (well, that's a fair assumption)

got a huge test tomorrow that determines whether or not i pass this one class. i guess i should go to sleep instead of continuing to type this. yeah.

14 April 2004

i found the rosetta stone of AIM!

never get left out again!


so this is where all the stolen hood ornaments go!


(i'm looking at the second Subaru one)

it sure has been a long time* since i had a flat tire

it sure has been a long time * since i had a flat tire. luckily, my wait was over yesterday after i ran over a nail puncturing my left rear tire. i think i'll go out and fix that now.

The Butterfly Effect was actually quite a bit better than i expected, so that was good. i hope to see The Last Samurai while it's still at the (cheap) theater.

after jon sent me a cool drum line performance of Paranoid Android i took it upon myself to find more versions. i found an awesome piano version that rocks (plus a string quartet version that i'd heard on 90.3 a while back). they also have a great version of Karma Police.

*i lied. it has not been a long time.

13 April 2004

you just don't get any funnier than...

i'm not gonna lie. this comic made me slightly angry.

plus it's by this girl who's comics who aren't funny at all.

12 April 2004

good weekend

good weekend. i have to get away from school sometimes or else i'll never stop thinking about school (which i have to do everynow and then or else i'll go crazy). i got to spend some good time with my family (which i felt i hadnt seen them in forever) and jesse's.

jordan made a potato gun the other day and we messed with that for a few minutes on sunday. it's consistent of a pipe, an electric ignitor (like from a grill or something), and so sort of (im)flammable spray. well the first shot went about 30 ft, the next about 40-50ft. for the last one we (jordan) decided to spray a little more than we had previously (approx 2x-3x as much). click. . . click. . . BOOM! (at this point i think i shat myself.) we were standing outside my basement garage door. that potato shot past the back tree line, which is about 100 or more yards away. the handle of the gun blew off (i was holding the gun) and there was a good ringing in my left ear. it was the coolest thing ever.

i'm going to build a trebuchet catapult this summer. so if anyone wants to help, bring it. it's going to be awesome.

i also learned how to crochet this weekend and am currently underway in producing a scarf of many colors. it's pretty fun, and i picked it up fast.

i think we'll pay $2 and watch the Butterfly Effect tonight. i know it's supposed to not be good, but it's $2.

02 April 2004

i dont think i've ever experienced the true magnitude of Murphy's Law quite like i did friday

i dont think i've ever experienced the true magnitude of Murphy's Law quite like i did friday. it was astonishing. it crossed the line between angering and hilarious too many times. i went to get my tire changed (which busted as i caught a piece of curb sticking out during a parallel parking session) at sam's where i was supposed to have a warranty on it. i couldnt find the paper work from it, but my dad figured it'd be okay because they'd probably have it in their computer. well of course none of their computers are connected with any other sam's(') computers. cool. well i gotta have a tire so i'll go ahead and get one with my credit card. "what's that? you dont take visa?" well, that's... normal. fine. i'll go to an ATM and get some cash out. "that's weird. it's not taking my card." oh right, my ATM card became inactive once i got my debit card (which i messed up on and am currently waiting for my 2nd one). so at this point i realize i have no way of getting any money. sweet. so i call jesse and ask her if she could maybe bring me some money up to sam's. she does and it finally gets to my turn in line (again or the 3rd or 4th time)(and at this point i have already done all the paperwork and my tire is sitting there waiting to be put on). i go to give them the money and my tire is gone. one of the other guys says he just put it on someone else's car less than 10 min ago. oh, and that was the last one they had. amazing. so i wait a few more minutes for them to confirm that the East Towne Sam's (i was at west towne) had that tire. they did. so i drove over there going about 5 mph down half of 640 because it was reduced to 2 lanes. anywho, they had the right size tire, but it was $36 more than at the other sam's. somehow i had enough money for it. and i got my tire. a sequence of events like that really makes you appreciate a lot of things (which i wont go into). while i was getting the tire fixed jon called and asked if i wanted to see Hellboy and i said "definitely". it was pretty cool. and that was friday.

i was thinking that i'm really glad i'm not God. too many extremes in that job me thinks. first off, i'd hate to know everything because lets face it, learning is fun. secondly, can you imagine how incredibly sad and happy you'd get during that job (speaking about scenario of a human doing God's job)? you'd see so many wonderful things. i've always been jealous of the fact that God gets to see all of the beauties of the earth and surrounding universe anytime He wants. what a perk that would be. but on the other hand, you'd witness all of the atrocities commited day in and day out. i have absolutely no concept of how horrible life can be for some people. none whatsoever. but you'd see it all. i'm glad God is God and not me.

we watched The Believer tonight. that is a good movie. it's about a jewish neo-nazi and his struggle with what he is. it sound bizarre, but i highly recommend it. it's like i was telling jesse tonight, that i think the worst (and most unimagineable) (to me) part about the Holocaust is that no horrific story is too farfetched. nothing. because the worst things that ever could have happened to people did so there. unbelievable.

i'll have the "picture of the week" tomorrow (today).