30 December 2006

more CO from today

it's like a another world here. not crazy different, but different. first off, the air. it's hard to catch your breathe. if i do anything other than sit still, i breathe like i just finished thanksgiving dinner. weird.

(look at these weird snow drift formations along the street)

it's also extremely dry. and windy. and snowy. and mountain and flat at the same time. there aren't any tree accept for a few the developers planted. it's hard to imagine it without all the snow.

the streets (as you can see) are covered in snow/ice and yet people manage to not freak out and force everyone behind them to go 5 mph. my kudos goes out to them. if tennessee had this much snow, we'd be shut down for a month.

look how the snow just blows around everywhere. we have a 5-6ft snow drift up against the front porch of this house. the snow does not stay put.

i tell you what... if scott was here, i'd push him in that snow so fast...

29 December 2006

it's fantastic.

after having the digital 3:4 ratio for the past 3 or 4 years, this new 2:3 is like shooting in widescreen.

ate Panera with scott last night. i think this probably the best picture of scott i've ever seen.

if i could've gotten dudley to stop moving this would've been great. he's just so curious.

this camera is a bit tougher to use in the car since it takes 2 hands to operate.

28 December 2006

i don't know if i've ever been this excited about a concert. maybe... but i can't remember it.

holy CRAP!!

Girl Talk is coming to town!!!

did you see how much the tickets are!?

this just in:

i got my camera. sweet sassy molassy.

this is a mini-LED frisbee jess got me for christmas. (it's the size of a CD)

20 December 2006

step 1: cut a hole in the box

i really haven't written in a while. here goes...

A) i was in a christmas choir at church these last couple months and we performed last sunday. it was a lot of fun. i wish it had been more fun for jess, but i know it was just a bit too much in a generally overwhelming time already (so i understand ;*). we sang a few songs from Handel's Messiah. it was challenging but i really enjoyed it. i've never sang in any choir ever. i think i did a decent job. plus it was another way outlet for meeting/getting to know other people at church. we had our party last night. i made 8 1/2 layer dip. it was pretty sweet. (jesse's recipe ;) )

B) how do you like the new font? does it even show up on your computer? is it easy to read? i never liked the original (Georgia).

C) this is... probably not appropriate but, when i was in church the other day, a random thought popped into my head. perhaps a preface would help... being someone who has had now had sex (like a million times! BOOYAH!) this idea that EVERYone is sexual is rather bizarre. now that i've come to understand how sex is and what it's about, it's very offputting to think that everyone is capabale of this act. it's almost more comfortable to think that you're the only one who's like this. what's more offputting is how this act seems so isolated from "normal" life; it's not something you just immediately relate to people on like eating or pooping or driving or whatever. it's like it's this alter-ego side of everyone that only one other person (for most) sees. and to top it all off, how even MORE offputting is it to know that (for the most part) everyone you meet has probably had or will probably have their mouth on someone else private parts at some point in their life (and vice versa). is that not really weird? it is to me.

D) this christmas has opened up a new line of thinking on our parts (jess and i). i know this isn't some startling revelation or anything but, how did we get like this? who convinced us that material goods were so important on this holiday? i mean, why is it the way it is? and it's really hard to break that mind set we have too, i mean, it's how we were brought up. it's hard to break free from that. we decided to get each other a couple small gifts and then do something bigger for ourselves (in case we're going to spend some money and get pictures developed and put into albums. this whole digital things worries me a bit at times.). on top of that, we just dont have space for didley squat. i'm going to have to get rid of something for every gift i get. we just, we're out of space. i hope nobody bought dudley a second tower.

E) is it just me or does the new Blogger suck at picture posting? what's up with it not resizing a bit? has anyone other than todd switched over?

F) i cashed in on Tower's demise yet again saturday with their 80% off sale. i got the new Heartless Bastards, 2 Four Tet CDs, Maxïmo Park, a Craig Armstrong collection, Psapp, and Clearlake for $27. not bad.

G) i'm excited about this weekend's activities. friday night dinner with the MJ crowd (7pm @ O'Charley's (providence)), jesse's family christmas thing saturday (i'm not really "excited", but it's a good time) and then partying over at the Nash's 8pm Saturday. we haven't seen them in forever. hope to see everyone SOMEwhere.

H) and jesse bought Little Miss Sunshine yesterday!

06 December 2006

the December mix

not to be confused with the possibly upcoming Christmas Mix. possibly.

this is a mix i put together for jess yesterday (jesse, you can't read this until you listen to it). not necessarily brand new stuff, but for the most part. and i think it's a fairly sweet one considering i did it in a few hours (betwixt work and whatnot). and while it's great to (possibly) introduce all of this music to my legions and legions of fans with the following track list, i thought i would take it a step further and actually make it possible for you to download this exact CD as though i had created it for you (which i didn't). so, by all means, partake of this miscellaneous musical compilation.

- Gettysburg
The Dresden Dolls - Sex Changes
...And They Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - Intro a Song of Fire and Wine
...And They Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - Stand In Silence
Spoon - The Way We Get By
The Long Winters - Pushover
Sufjan Stevens - Adlai Stevenson
Herbert - The Movers and Shakers
Lady Sovereign - Love or Hate Me
Yo La Tengo - The Room Got Heavy
Jack Johnson - Upside Down
Sufjan Stevens - No Man's Land
Ray Lamontagne - Empty
Sufjan Stevens - He Woke Me Up Again
Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - Quiet as a Mouse
Mates of State - Open Book
The Stills - The Mountain
Okkervil River - No Key, No Plan
The National - Abel
Peaches - Stick It To the Pimp

let me know if you think this is a good idea or not. i thought it was. and let me know how the downloading goes (if it's easy enough or not). (yes, i do find the Jack Johnson choice odd. i should've put an Arcade Fire or Polyphonic Spree track in it's place. all i can say is that it struck me as a good choice at the time. PS does a cover of Nirvana's Lithium that's pretty sweet.

speaking of good ideas... i decided it would be nice (and fun) to print out a large (24"x30") copy of this picture of the gang (framed) and give it to our bosses. i figured if everyone threw in $5 it'd at least get us there. well, i sent out an email explaining the plan, but only got a few responses back (all positive). yesterday i decided i better double check with everyone before we decided on the frame price. much to my dismay (and surprise, if i do say so), several people wanted no part in it. i was actually quite caught off gaurd by this revelation. so, $5... too much? is it the principle? i thought it was such a fabulous idea and now i wont even be able to say "this is from all of us." now it'll be "this is from some of us." brian suggested we get a small plaque for the back listing those who contributed. of course, i dont really think that's necessary, but doesn't that seem weird? maybe not. it does to me. one lady, after thinking about it for 30sec (she seemed to be stressing herself out a bit) was like, "is everyone in on it?" and i was like, "well, no, not anymore." so she said, "well, no then." okay. what does it matter WHO's in on it. it's the idea. you're either FOR the idea or AGAINST the idea. i told her we were getting it either way. i hope it turns out great and they feel bad for not getting in on the greatest gift ever. anyway, as you can see, this bothered me just a little.

jordan called me this morning at 7:30 central time and said he'd been out since midnight and is now the proud owner of a Wii and the new Zelda.

05 December 2006

we went and saw The Fountain sunday night....

my advice:

do not go see The Fountain.

i love the way night photography works.

we watched the Sound of Music the other day (the first time for me). it was good. i did not know it was 2hr 54min. other than THAT, it was excellent. and i recognized places in Salzburg i've been.

i also bought a growler from Blackstone the other day. i can refill it with fresh-out-the-barrel beer for $10 whenever. the Nut Brown Ale is absolutely delicious. i dare say, more so than the Newcastle. i take the time to mention this despite the fact that no one who reads this even drinks beer (john are you out there?) simply because i feel like it.

the Stranger Than Fiction soundtrack is quite good. also, i'm thoroughly enjoying the Lost original scores. some of the themes are just beautiful. mesmerizing at times.

04 December 2006

we're in and up and running.

my new workspace

the view out the back door

me and brian after our race through the inflateable terrordome.

01 December 2006

so long, downtown

dudley busted out the tree a bit earlier than normal.

just kidding. dudley doesn't even have opposable thumbs! this was an early space saving gift from our dearly departed todd (he doesnt live in town anymore). it's fantastic, todd. thank you very much.

i spent half the day packing up my stuff at work. we're off to our new office over off Wedgewood. i'm excited and not. i love working downtown, but i wont miss the elevators and traffic and bad smells. i will miss the 100 different places to eat any given day and just the feel of the city. i like the city. it's inspiring. i have to go unpack and set everything up on sunday at noon, so dont plan any parties for then (jeff i'm looking in your direction).

i can't wait to show you where my new cubicle is in the new arrangement. it sucks ass. (that's one more thing i'm not looking forward to.)