29 December 2006

it's fantastic.

after having the digital 3:4 ratio for the past 3 or 4 years, this new 2:3 is like shooting in widescreen.

ate Panera with scott last night. i think this probably the best picture of scott i've ever seen.

if i could've gotten dudley to stop moving this would've been great. he's just so curious.

this camera is a bit tougher to use in the car since it takes 2 hands to operate.


Billy H. said...

what kind of camera did you get? Obviously a Nikon though. The pictures are really good looking.

Anonymous said...

I ate at Panera once. Paid $7 for a sandwich which I could have easily made at home. What am I missing?


josh in colorado said...

it's a Nikon D70s (and i didn't have to steal it from a dead soldier! (hahaha)).


jeff, it's the ambiance. can you eat your sandwich by a fireplace at home? if so, perhaps you should get a more complicated sandwich, such as the turkey artichoke or bleu cheese steak to make it more worth your while.

(i think it's too expensive too and rarely choose to eat there (jesse likes it).)

Billy H. said...

he wasn't dead!!