30 December 2006

more CO from today

it's like a another world here. not crazy different, but different. first off, the air. it's hard to catch your breathe. if i do anything other than sit still, i breathe like i just finished thanksgiving dinner. weird.

(look at these weird snow drift formations along the street)

it's also extremely dry. and windy. and snowy. and mountain and flat at the same time. there aren't any tree accept for a few the developers planted. it's hard to imagine it without all the snow.

the streets (as you can see) are covered in snow/ice and yet people manage to not freak out and force everyone behind them to go 5 mph. my kudos goes out to them. if tennessee had this much snow, we'd be shut down for a month.

look how the snow just blows around everywhere. we have a 5-6ft snow drift up against the front porch of this house. the snow does not stay put.


Billy H. said...

I'm hoping that Regal decides to the IMAX conference again this year so I can go back to Denver. It is so beautiful out there... and it's free. :)

Terri H aka MOM said...

Brrrrrrrrr! Dudley thinks he'd freak if he was caught in all that white! lol But is soooo beautiful! Make some snow ice cream! yummmmmm

Corey said...

You guys are so lucky! It's been all gross and muggy here in FL.