01 December 2006

so long, downtown

dudley busted out the tree a bit earlier than normal.

just kidding. dudley doesn't even have opposable thumbs! this was an early space saving gift from our dearly departed todd (he doesnt live in town anymore). it's fantastic, todd. thank you very much.

i spent half the day packing up my stuff at work. we're off to our new office over off Wedgewood. i'm excited and not. i love working downtown, but i wont miss the elevators and traffic and bad smells. i will miss the 100 different places to eat any given day and just the feel of the city. i like the city. it's inspiring. i have to go unpack and set everything up on sunday at noon, so dont plan any parties for then (jeff i'm looking in your direction).

i can't wait to show you where my new cubicle is in the new arrangement. it sucks ass. (that's one more thing i'm not looking forward to.)


Anonymous said...

Where did Todd get the tree? I have one just like it.


Josh said...

urban outfitters.

i thought it was hilarious. and it suits our space concerns well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I got mine at Urban Outfitters too....


Corey said...

Your new office reminds me of the office. Do you have a Dwight?

Josh said...

well that's my old office. and yes, it's quite cubicle-y.

i'm posting a picture of my new office in minute.