21 November 2006

Imogen Heap at City Hall

well, that about wraps up the "concert crunch" we had there. 3 major shows in 10 days time. i think the rest of the year is fairly light. in fact, i dont know of anything at this point, which is probably good. means i can save some money for christmas.

this was a really great show. it was funny at first because she came out in that getup singing like, arabic type music and it was all very intriguing... and then her equipment messed up and she was all of the sudden a normal funny person. i actually have it on video. she was a very nice seeming person. and she didn't scare me like regina.

how awesome did these pictures turn out?? i figured out that proper exposure or not, i can't hold the camera steady enough to take anything slower than 1/15 to 1/20 without a tripod. so that's what i did. plus she had great lighting up there. it was awesome and really helped me out. but seriously, you can see how far back we are in that previous picture (and actually, that's probably zoomed in a bit), so some of these were taken at 10x zoom. even in broad daylight it's tough to hold steady at 10x, so i was very happy with these.

i have a couple more videos (of course).


jessatwork said...

why you no put pictures of us?
why only OTHER girls?!

latenightjosh said...

cause i sent them to you. what would you have to post if posted those TOO.

okay, i'll put the one where you wouldnt sit still. it looks cool.

Josh said...

okay, i look stupid in the one i like, so scratch that.