20 November 2006

Regina Spektor at the Exit/In

well, God came through again (having said that, i don't recall a time when it anything other than that happened). we got in to the Regina Spektor show. it was great. she was great. and it wouldn't have been possible without God's smooth planning.

although i found her a bit frightening (she was so soft spoken and fragile looking that i figured if she DID get mad... boy howdy). this was compounded by her request for no more flash pictures being ignored by most of the crowd. and then some girl up front was either talking too loudly or singing too loudly or something because Regina asked her to keep it down. my goodness. what's WITH you people?! and then i watched as this large fellow up in the very front row videoed the entire concert. i dont get some people.

seriously though, we wouldn't have gotten in. we only had one ticket and there were tons fo people looking for tickets. long story short, after waiting and asking around for 1.5 hrs, just before we got to the door, the group behind me, who i'd shared words with, made it known to me that one their friends would not be joing them on their will call tickets. yahtzee. we were in. marvelous.

i'm not sure what else has happened since then. we've been watching Lost from the beginning. what a great show. Prairie Home Companion was a funny (but odd) movie. in fact, it was quite hilarious at times. great cast. Garrison Keillor is so brilliantly dry. Friday, jess and i went out to eat Logan's and watch Casino Royale over in Mt. Juliet. it was fun. and what a fantastic movie. i thought it was the best one i'd seen since maybe Goldeneye (possibly better (in a different way)).

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