06 November 2006

jordan's birthday... the other day


Corey said...

I love how the wig made it to the bday party! Your dad looks awesome in it! Was it harder or easier to get the fam in the wig and did you show them all the other people that have worn it? Have you thought about lysoling it?

Josh said...

i was wearing it when my mom walked in and she laughed for about 5 min straight after she saw me. it was a little tough to get jordan to wear it, but no one is any match for my mom's relentless nagging when it comes to this stuff.

we might should lysol it. i did let the waiter try it on. my co-workers were not aware of that. probably for the best.

jessatwork said...

i love the one of whipped cream jordan with the hat on! he looks so very happy.