14 November 2006

The Black Keys at the Mercy Lounge

i'd never been to the actual lounge portion of said Mercy Lounge, only the Ballroom. it was fine. crowded from the sold out show, but a nice place. i dont necessarily recommend standing in front of the 48" woofers up front, but they provide a nice breeze.

i gotta tell you. i did not enjoy the Black Angels. i was very disappointed with what they produced with 6 bands members. it was a lot of noise, few chords changes, and too many guitar solos. especially compared to what the Black Keys did with merely 2 people. i just couldn't get behind that.

the Black Keys had a sweet light show going on, which i was thoroughly impressed by. i guess there's a reason it cost $20 (over the normal $10 shows i go to). not to mention they sounded incredible

(i don't even know what this was. it makes a great background though.)

this was funny. can you find todd? HINT: he's the only one without his hands in the air. huh. i joke, but i'm the same way.

i put up a couple other videos too. all of todd's are better because he was pretty much on stage, but... this isn't todd's blog.

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