16 March 2011

I Wonder

I love The Crystals. It's such upbeat, hopeful, romantic music. Naive, but not. It's just... amazing oldies. Driving melodies and towering vocals.

This is a song I'd never heard before. Came across it on their Best of album. It reminds me of other songs by them but/so I dig it.

In other news...

I helped an old Peace Corps friend out with some campaign posters this week. She gave me the ideas. I just produced them. TV themes.

A Bad Note On an Otherwise Good Day

I was out taking pictures at a job site today when I came across this guy. It was shocking and depressing. I don't know where he came from because there weren't any houses around. But the fact that he had a shirt on told me he was someone's very good friend. And if I had taken the time to put a shirt on my very good friend... this would break my heart. Into way too many pieces. I wish I could've told whoever that there dog wasn't alive anymore. I would always want to know what happened to my animals whatever the case may be. I saw this right as I started walking the site. It was hard to get back on track. 

Bad things happening to animals upsets me very much. It makes me want express my feeling with the 'f' word. You don't even know how much I want to write this using the 'f' word. 

:|   fuck.