31 October 2004

you just got skunked

so this was Dudley's Halloween costume. unfortunately, he wouldnt stop trying to lick off the paint, so we eventually had to wash it off him. little terd.

jesse and i went to our church's fall retreat this weekend. in my 5 years at UT i've never been, and i gotta tell you, i REALLY didnt want to go this year. it wasnt anything personal towards my friends or anything like that. i've just been so busy lately with school and church and asce and work and i just havent had time to do anything i've wanted/needed to get done in the past few weeks. and i'm not trying to sound like my being busy is a special case or anything, i'm just saying i'd just about had it with "obligations". so i was definitely planning on not going until the very last minute when i decided to (at which point i still wasnt happy). anywho, after listening to the speaker we had friday night, i realized that i was supposed to be there. it was funny, because after i decided i was going to go thursday night God seemed to grant me a very productive night as sort of a ... i dont know, an "i'll meet you halfway" sort of thing. so i finished all these things i need to get done (fixed the cathodes on my car, got new stitches, fixed the apolstry on the door panel, put all 4 items on ebay that i'd been trying to do forever). it was a great time of fellowship with everyone, but what was really great was the time i got to spend alone. i really needed the quiet time and solitude that i got this weekend. i've been too busy. when you're too busy for God, you're just too busy. i tend to lose my focus every so often and just need that reminder about what's important. so the weekend was a blessing.

yesterday i shaved for the first time since last christmas. feels weird. but good.

oh, and i was "the dude" for halloween (eve). (except i didnt have long hair)

happy sunday to you.

26 October 2004

two links worth your time

so billiard sent me this.

at first i couldnt figure out what the crap i was looking at and then i just couldnt stop laughing. it's really amazing.

crazy flying... thing.

(it may take a minute to load, but it's worth it.)

oh, if you still havent seen kicked in the nuts then you have to right now. truly a work of art. and brilliance. brilliant art. hilariously brilliant artastic art.

(oh and to those it may concern, corey's blog link is fixed.)

25 October 2004



so the moment that pissed me (and the rest of neyland stadium) off the most this weekend was definitely the complete lack of respect displayed by the Alabama kickers and kicker coach during halftime on saturday. it started with the Alabama band taking forever with their halftime show forcing UT to run longer than anticipated. so with over 3 min remaining in halftime, some of the Alabama players came out of there side and walked through the band as they were standing on the field playing Amazing Grace with the Bagpipes. there was absolutely no need for them to do that. they just did. and then as the band was marching to the position where they play the alma mater, the kickers and their coach came out and walked through the band and actually bumped into several of them as they walked through them. so as they stood on the field and prepared to kick field goals, the band was standing there waiting to play the alma mater. well, the band doesnt even get to play it and the refs come onto the field and pull the Alabama douche bags off the field. unbelievable. i couldnt get over the total lack of respect. unbelievable.

12 October 2004

the josh times

man, my blog template is totally messed up when viewed with Firefox. so, my apologies to all. i'll try and fix it soon.

dont you hate it when it seems like everyone else is growing and doing new things and stuff, but you you're still sitting there where you feel like you've been for like a year or something? yeah i do too. i'm just glad i dont feel like that. actually, i feel prety good about everything... except school; i'm totally sucking at that. i just had 2 tests today. one in AutoCAD, the other in Systems. both were the first tests we've had this semester (in those classes), so needless to say, there was a ginormous amount of material on both. AutoCAD was an 18pg test (but i think i did really well). Systems had 5 questions and i'm praying for a 50. which is bad. but hey, i've only got one more class for this week and a job interview today at 4pm, so i'm already feeling better.

speaking of jobs, my current one is going very well. i got in at 11am and work till they run out of work for me or until i have to leave for school. so i'm getting paid to do AutoCAD (which is just plain fun). and it's really great experience.

i'm progressively worrying more about my finger(s). my index finger is significantly better; still sore and slightly inflexible but better. however, my ring finger is still "disfigured" and highly inflexible. in fact, i cant even straighten it out (much less close a fist with it). i really dont want messed up fingers. i mean, i NEED them... all the time! turns out, about 98% of the chords i play on piano i use my ring finger for. so i have to untape it everytime (it's "buddy" taped to my middle finger). but on a good note, i found the chords for some songs the other day that i enjoy. Glycerine, Hurt (cash), some Saves the Day stuff, and several others (jars of clay, dashboard) so that's enjoyable.

hmmm. i think i'll get to visit with scott this weekend. havent seen him since school started.

i dont shave. ever. i dont remember the last time i shaved. maybe when i got back from Europe? once? i dont know.

speaking of, i think jesse and i are gonna make the haul out to Colorado for Thanksgiving break to visit my friend John Karspeck (the one on the left... i think. it's been a while.)

take 'er easy.

05 October 2004


this is the website for one of the smartest men i've ever listened to. and on top of that, he's a Christian. he's a Christian Astronomer (more accurately, a preacher). i've never heard someone speak about the scientific evidence in the Bible in such an incredibly . . . factual way. i mean, this guy had so much proof for any question you had. in fact (oh, his name is Hugh Ross), he chose Christianity because none of the other religions were accurate in their depiction of the universe. someone asked him why he chose the religion he chose and he went through each one saying why they couldnt be right because their desriptions of the universe around us were wrong. how awesome is that? it was just amazing listening to how thoroughly he studied everything scientifically and Biblically. anyway, i could write a lot about the various questions he answered, but i think his website has a lot of question/answer. it's a great place to find scientific answers to things that dont seem to line up in the Bible. i mean, this guy even goes into Hebrew translations (a lot of them).

anyway, i was impressed and quite pleased to listen to him for 2.5 hrs.

check it.