03 June 2011

You're So Good To Me (Mix)

Told you I had a non (well, less) electronic mix on the way. Well guess what. You're lookin' at it. This is a bunch of upbeat, fun, feel-good tunes from recent. It's feeling more summer-y where I live and it's definitely lifted my mood from where I was in the winter months. Two new albums by Foster the People and Hooray for Earth have been on repeat for me. They are stellar. A track from the new Bon Iver album makes me so happy. The whole album is amazing, but this one track has Peter Cetera and Bruce Hornsby all over it. I love it. The rest are just a mix of things that have been running through my headphones. Enjoy.

(For the mix purists out there, and I know there are a bunch, I did break the 80min mark. It was either, respect this ancient established value for traditional reasons (and whoever still burns CDs) or just give you all the songs I wanted to and spit in the face of tradition. So I spat.)

Hyetal: Phoenix (Fantastic Mr. Fox Remix)

This is crazy and cool.

Hyetal - Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) by Black Acre Records

02 June 2011

Robyn: Call Your Girlfriend

3.5min of just Robyn dancing. One take. Very entertaining. I can't believe you don't hear her on the radio. Something is seriously wrong with radio.

Old Mixes

Since I find myself swimming in new music and therefore putting together mixes every time I turn around, I thought I'd organize my older ones into one place. So in order of most recent to not, here they be (they're all on Mediafire, hands down the best and fastest file hosting site).

Possibly my favorite cover art so far. Too bad I completely misspelled "Rhythm."

And that's about it I think. The last one is from before we went to Jamaica so it could be dated, but I'm sure there's still a gem or two on it. Same for the other older ones.

More to come.