04 January 2011

Two Thousand Ten (Mix) (Again)

04 JAN 2011: So my original post actually got taken down. Apparently just LINKING to files get's you a big copyright take down. However, Blogger was really nice. They just took the post back to draft stage. I thought that was pleasant of them. So anyway, I've left all the albums on there, just no links to them. Would you like to know more about the DMCA? Click here (digital copyright laws is actually pretty interesting stuff).

Man, a year is an insane amount of time. This year in particular seems long; like a day you woke up super early and it just seems to last forever (in a cool way). What a year. I can remember sitting on the beach or riding in a cramped taxi listening to so much of this. And some I just heard last month cementing it's place in my 'Denver time.' Music is a great way of marking time in my life. Music makes my heart and brain turn when sometimes nothing else can. It works like smells for me (like I remember where I was when I burned "that" album into my brain). It's just really fascinating stuff.

So I put together a weird mixtape. The weirdest? No, but all of the songs won't be for everyone. Some rap, dance, electronic, R&B, and Hip Hop. Some you may have heard on the radio a bunch and some you'd never hear anywhere else. Most of it from the latter part of the year since I've put earlier stuff on previous mixes. The only songs I left off (in this genre) were songs from these I've put links to below. The Robyn, Kanye West and Girl Talk albums were all too dense with awesomeness to single out one for a mix. I highly (highly) recommend listening to a sample below and getting the whole thing (one way or another*).

Please enjoy.

*All of the albums below I simply found by Googling "artist album mediafire." Please don't shoot the messenger. I just want to share. Obviously, I would encourage supporting any artist that adds enjoyment to your life. But if it means the difference in hearing it or not... well, I just really want you to hear it.

UPDATE: Well, Blogger didn't shoot me, but it did slap me on the wrist so I've removed all the links. 

Girl Talk [All Day]

Girl Talk - Let It Out

Robyn [Body Talk]

Dancing On My Own by robyn

Kanye West [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]

Dark Fantasy

All of the Lights

Power [Remix] (Ft. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)

Flying Lotus [Cosmogramma]

Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane

Four Tet [There is Love in You]

Four Tet - Angel Echoes

Star Slinger [Volume 1]

Star Slinger - Dutchie Courage

Star Slinger - Mornin'

Health [Disco2]

HEALTH - In Heat (Javelin Remix)

And there are just so many more...

Sleigh Bells [Treats]
Spoon [Transference]
Sufjan Stevens [Age of Adz] (is crazy but amazing)
Vampire [Weekend Contra]
Yeasayer [Odd Blood]
Pantha du [Prince Black Noise]
Delorean [Subiza]
Bonobo [Black Sands]

Man, can't even begin to list it all. What an amazing year of music.

(Also, don't miss some great Jamaican Dancehall Christmas music over on the PCBlog.)

What did I miss? What album changed your year?

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