30 March 2004

while we're on quotes...

while we're on quotes...

my transportation II teacher said one today (some thing along these lines)...

"necessity is the mother of invention, but laziness is the father."

i dont know. i thought it was funny when he said it. course he's also oriental and has an accent, so that makes a lot of things funnier.

i was just reading an Entertainment Weekly article on Eternal Sunshine and found exactly what i wanted to say about it

i was just reading an Entertainment Weekly article on Eternal Sunshine and found exactly what i wanted to say about it:

"Joel, embracing his memories, comes to appreciate the fragile glory of each moment and every moment simply for being that moment. Watching Eternal Sunshine, you don't just watch a love story - you fall in love with what love really is."

- Owen Gleiberman

that's it. i mean, that's exactly it.

i almost teared up reading that.

i need a haircut.


29 March 2004

jeff sent me this

jeff sent me this. it's by this lady who rides through the chernobyl area on her motorcycle. it's pretty amazing. definitely worth looking through if you've got a few minutes sometime.

28 March 2004

i FINALLY got to finish watching Lost in Translation that i've had for a month or so now

i FINALLY got to finish watching Lost in Translation that i've had for a month or so now. i can see why bill murray was up for best actor now. he was really great.

jesse and i went and saw The Ladykillers on friday night (after our hot dinner date). it was... not exactly what i expected. i liked the movie, and i'm sure there's a lot of symbolism that i missed (because, yes, i'm not very good at that sort of thing), but... i dont know. there was so much cussing in it. and tom hanks was really funny, but almost out of place in the cast, it seemed. still a funny movie though. but it's not as lighted hearted as the trailers lead you to believe. it's quite dark, in fact.

then a bunch of us (and i do mean a bunch; like 13 or so) went and saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. what an awesome movie. it's one where you like it as you leave and the more you think about it later on, the more you like it. first off it was just really neatly done. very surreal. and just really cool with all the memory erasing effects. i think this has to be one of the best male/female relationships in a movie to me. it was so sad at times. really sad actually. and what a good ending. i love the last scene with them talking to each other. it was really touching. just the whole message you got from the film was really touching. i highly recommend it.

26 March 2004

23 March 2004

well i'm currently working on the worst project ever

well i'm currently working on the worst project ever. i'm working on redesigning an existing water system here in k-burg and it's going figgin' no where. and it's due tomorrow. dang, it....

okay, now it's tomorrow and we are still working on it. we went to get help from the teacher this morning and even he didnt know what was going on. anyway, i think we just got it. ridiculous.

so i just got back from the job fair and talking to a few companies. i now am motivated to get out of school. i cant wait to start working. i'm really leaning towards construction management. it's like i get to use my knowledge of practical engineering things in combination with managing skills, which is cool, because i like the fundamentals of engineering AND i think i'm good at managing things. remember cak in 5th grade or whatever when you took that test that told you what you should be when you grow up? well mine said management. AND i'd get to be working with people (which i think i like). anyway, it almost makes me wish i was graduating. oh well.

oh man! great new! that project that we just barely finished by 5pm was actually due at 4pm! haha. that's so awesome. ah well, who needs 15 points anyway? hahaha. i do.

i went to tampa, fl this past week(end) with the UT student chapter of ASCE. i had a great time. it was a great opportunity to get to know other students and teachers. and it helped me to realize that i actually don't hate engineeing (which is good because i would be feeling a bit of regret after all these years i'd put into it), i hate school. so that makes me happy too.

me and wes one 2nd place in the transportation competition

and me and matt and jamie (not pictures) won 5th in concrete frisbee

16 March 2004

so jon just sent me a link to The Brick Testament

so jon just sent me a link to The Brick Testament. it's pretty funny (from what i saw). i didnt look at much of it, but it didnt look sacrilegious. i just thought this picture of the Holy Trinity was really funny.

i go to tampa tomorrow.

15 March 2004

i watched Annie Hall last night

i watched Annie Hall last night. it was pretty dang funny. for the first time in a long time, there were tons of jokes i didn't get. woody allen was hilarious. i dont think i've ever seen one of his movies before. i think he must have had a lot of influence on Jerry Seinfeld. i mean, you could see it right off the bat. funny stuff. i highly recommend it.

i dont think i care much for diane keaton though. i think when an actor/actress plays a similar character over and over again, it says something about the way they are in real life. and i don't like her characters. so yeah.

i'm changing my movie page. i think it's a good change. and the updates to it will be much simpler.

12 March 2004

sorry about the no "picture of the week" this week

sorry about the no "picture of the week" this week. i had some business in new york city that i had to take care of. i'd never been there before. frankly, i really liked the city. it's size is quite overwhelming, but at the same time inspiring. i love the largeness of it all; the almost surreal scale that everything is presented on. it's incredible. and how such an amazingly diverse group of people function together as an enormous single entity. it's truly something to see. for some reason i've always had a lot of respect for nyc. this trip has merely strengthened it. don't get me wrong, i love the openness of the countryside and probably prefer it in all fairness, but nyc is definitely a place i could live for a bit. no problem.

i think everyone had a good time on the trip. my apologies (again) to scott for the bed situation. we should have be more obvious in our offering of the bed. (then again, i didnt see myatt giving up those couch cushions either :) .) the drive up was kind of rough with all the bad weather and traffic, but the weather coming back was perfect (although there were more trucks on the road than i've ever seen before). but i think the trip to and fro was pretty fun. we watched some family guy, listened to music, and slept. i was thankful for my laptop and it's many abilities. (i think everyone else was too). glad to be back with a couple days to spare though.

it was fun "exploring" again. only this time i could read everything, so that was nice.

i'm it's now and not last week. man was last week a bad week.

02 March 2004

01 March 2004

...and so begins my funtastic week

...and so begins my funtastic week. i was up till 4 last night because i had to watch the stupid oscars and study afterward. usually i'm not in favor of one movie making a clean sweep of the oscars like LotR did, i really felt they deserved it this year. it was just too amazing of a movie. then, instead of getting up at 8 for my 11am test, i woke up at 10 till 10. alarms are tricky. especially the ones with am AND pm.

i had a great weekend. jess and i went to gatlinburg with our church for a personal perogative christian conference (not to be confused with a fundamentals of christianity conference). millard fuller was the speaker. he's the founder and president of Habitat for Humanity. what an amazing guy. his speaking was definitely a blessing for me. it's very easy for me to get discouraged and lost motivation when i think about how small and insignificant i am in the grand scheme of things. i'll get to feeling like i'm not really making a difference if i'm not out doing mission work and stuff like that. like if i'm not out there doing great things for tons of people, what good am i doing. but this mr. fuller's speech (his life story, so to speak) really gave me hope. it helped me to realize that you can make such a huge impact on so many people, if you just listen for God, go where he wants you to go, and act when he wants you to act. it's as simple and being the best christian you can be everywhere you go because you just can't imagine who you'll cross paths with and what that person will learn from you and what they'll do with that knowledge. to make a long story short, this preacher in a very small georgian town had a major impact on Millard Fuller, and that lead to all of the great things he's done such as Habitat for Humanity. and HfH changes people's lives everyday all over the world. it's just an unbelievable chain of events. i think God really digs the Butterfly Effect. so i'm really going to start working on several things in my life because i want to be where God wants me to be. i hope i can.

me and millard

dont ask what was going on with my hair. jesse said it looked a duck.

2 tests and a project left.