23 February 2006

i think it's less than 1000 words so don't be afraid to dive right in

Marijuana. Do you ever have topics in your life that seem to come in waves? Well mine recently has been Cannabis. This is an issue that’s interested me since my doofus sociology 101 teacher gave his “I’m unabashedly for the legalization of marijuana” lecture. Up until that point I was against the legalization of it but mostly due to the brainwashing done to me by society. However, I wasn’t about to join his pothead cause without knowing some facts. The biggest problem with that is that it’s so hard to trust any “facts” you find because in the end both sides of the debate manipulate the facts (and statistics in particular) beyond recognition. So this search for truth is… tough. Anyway, recently the topic of marijuana has been in my life and I’m not entirely sure why. In general, I think I’m just as much for it as I am against it, however, I’m probably more for it. Now, I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve never tried marijuana, but the prospect of such an action doesn’t really strike me as “the wrong thing to do.” If someone (who knows what they’re talking about and is relatively knowledge in regards to this (not necessarily someone who’s tried it)) can tell me why it’s wrong, I would really like to hear it. In fact, I would really like to hear anyone’s opinion on this, whatever it may be. Please. I’m trying to decide it I want to write my opinion right now. I suppose I have to. Okay:

I honestly think it’s just like anything else: if the use/consumption of it takes the place of something that’s actually important, then it’s wrong. If it gets in the way of the life you should be leading, it’s bad for you. I think it’s the same as drinking too much, eating too much, or even watching TV too much; it’s not good for you when it gets in the way. Obviously there is the whole “but Josh, it’s illegal” thing. Yeah, I know, but why? Does anyone honestly believe that it’s worse that alcohol? At least this doesn’t make people violent. I remember reading a story a while back about it being given to soccer fans at a huge soccer game in the UK to prevent rioting and whatnot. However, on the other hand, alcohol isn’t good for you either, so just because we have one thing that’s not good for you legal, does that mean we should have 2 (or more)? Probably not. But at the same time, this is as much of a victimless crime as drinking (even less than), so how is it the government’s place to step in and tell me what I can or can’t do to myself ? In a way,I think it’s the same thing with seatbelts. Sure they help save lives, but should I be fined for choosing to endanger my life and my life alone? I don’t think so.

So let’s say it is legalized, like a “21 and up” sort of thing, like alcohol: who sells it? The government? Pharmaceutical companies? (yahoo. let's give more money to them.) This was a really good question that was brought up at this debate we went to at Vanderbilt the other day. I had never thought about this, so it struck me as a good question. I mean, what options do we have on legalizing it?

Scott, do they teach you about these drugs?

Anyway, it's hard not to ramble when the topic is such a double-edged sword. Now, understand that I never want to be grouped in with the classic "marijauna smoker." ever. Just like I don't want to be grouped in with the classic "drinker." In fact, that's one of the reasons this whole thing appeals to me. Because just like drinking alcohol, this gives me (another) opportunity to do (insert classic religious taboo here) and not have it ruin my life and actually still be responsible about it. While at the same time clearly not displaying a stereotypical (taboo) lifestyle. For example, drinking. I enjoy the fact that I am a responsible (and with few exceptions, moderate) drinker. So why can't that be the case here?

Seriously though, if anyone actually makes it this far through my 805 word entry, please comment and let me know your thoughts. I'm fairly curious. (Also let me know how you like all the capitalizing. I trying something more... classic.)

And finally, there is nothing that upsets your sense of injustice quite like a speeding ticket. I got one yesterday for going 42mph in an area (Providence) that I didn't even know HAD a speed limit (it was 30mph and the cop was right past the sign). Fortunately, he was nice enough to let me off with a $133 warning.

...aaaannnnnd go.

21 February 2006


Well, I guess I screwed up the MJ blog (sort of). I don’t know. Maybe? I didn’t mean to. I feel like I had good intentions. I just like talking about things. I know we’ll all be friends in the end, so why shouldn’t we. It’s understandable why Scott’s against it. He’s always against confrontation (not always, but you know Scott). But it’s also no surprise that I’m instigating the (healthy) confrontation. I’ve always been that way. It’ll get worked out. Still, I hate that it tends to go this way when we “debate”.

Why are controversial things so enticing to talk about? Is it just me? I just like discussing. I think you really learn what people are like when you do. I think it breeds intimacy. and I suppose I just crave that with people I love. What does that mean?

Anyway… let’s see, Jess and I got tickets to Bonnaroo and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t TOTALLY pumped about it. I just can’t wait. Three solid days of music. Music is an interesting thing. Music has become a language in my life. I started out learning the basics and over the last decade or so I’ve just been learning all the in’s and out’s and techniques and what have you. It’s beautiful. I’m on my 3rd instrument (the guitar) and I just love it more and more each day (referring to music and the guitar). Just like it’s nice to be able to write out your thoughts to express emotions and feelings, I’m at the point where I can play music to express those things. But they aren’t “thoughts” that come through on an instrument… I don’t know. It’s something deeper. I wouldn’t even know how to put it into words. But it’s great.

Hmmm. I had no intentions of writing all that.

That symbol up there is from the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know . i give it a 6.3. It was a good movie, but certainly of the independent film genre. (the wikipedia link explains the symbol. it's a pretty funny part in the movie but you wont get it unless you see it (or talk to me).)

20 February 2006

last week in pictures

while i really hate the thought of planning a successful valentine's day, i do really enjoy doing the things that bring a smile a to jesse's face. so last tuesday we went to Opryland hotel and walked around and got some really expensive Godiva chocolate covered cherries and watched a mass wedding hosted by 107.5 the river. it's always so much fun to walk around that hotel. we also happened across a yamaha baby grand and jess let me sit there and play it for a bit. it was a lot of fun. and nice to just be with jess and not worry about other things to do.

12 February 2006

that's it, i guess

well, i hope everyone tuned in for the last 4 episodes of Arrested Developent. they were really spectacular. i watched the again last night. they do such an amazing job with intershow allusions (meaning they reference past shows very well). it was sad to see it end. but i thought they did a great job with it. i hope they still put the 3rd season out on DVD.

man, i'm sad about it being over. what a tremendous show.

08 February 2006

what a bunch of hypocrites

(i feel like i'm overreacting but, i dont know. am i writing this out of passion or anger? are they any different in some cases?)

(courtesy of filabustercartoons.com)

there has to be an alterior motive behind all this Muslim madness, because their (publicized) reason(s) for all of this is incredibly lame and hypocritical. not to mention, just plain stupid. yeah, congradulations on furthering Muslim stereotypes of violence and hatred. way to show who the true 'spiritual leaders' of the world are. come on. i mean, why now? i dont get it. why are these cartoons the last straw? why are they being such hypocritical babies about free speech? obviously they can dish it out. so why can't they take it? and correct me if i'm wrong, but i have a feeling that Jesus is probably mocked just as much, if not more, than any other religious figure. however, where are the Christian riots? why aren't we burning down embassies and beating people up over it? perhaps it's (aside from it being contrary to God's will) because we don't live in the middle ages any more? i mean, i don't know, maybe? how can such a large group of people in our world today be convinced that acting in such a violent manner in response to anything that upsets them is okay to do? i'm flummoxed. and angry. and rather hungry too. this could be the hunger talking.

anyway, their whole reasoning just seems inconsistent. on the news last night i saw a Muslim guy here in, i guess Tennesse, say that the reason they were all so upset was because it's against their beliefs/morals/religion to depict Mohammed in any drawing whatsoever. it makes him closer to humans than what he is supposed to be. well i got news for you, guy, this is nothing new. and...
"...since no one really knows what Mohammed looked like -- any image could be said to depict him."
so here's a good survey to take to make sure you aren't drawing Mohammed.

here's Iran's solution to the problem: Iran Paper Runs Holocaust Contest. honestly, go for it. this way Europe can show them how freaking absurd they are for the way they're acting by simply rolling with it like everyone else on the planet does. that's sort of the way free speech works. it's a give and take. apparently, a couple Arabs never got the memo on 'giving'.

this page has a bunch of really interesting points (there are many entries but i couldn't seem to link directly to the ones i wanted)

and you know, i don't like generalizing like this. i know that all Muslims aren't violent. i know they dont all support this. i know these things. but please, gimme something to work with here! what else are we given to go on? and while this whole thing does make me a bit angry, more than that it makes me sad. i feel so sorry for the all of these people. i wish there something i or anyone could do to take the blinders off them. i definitely know that more violence is not going to accomplish that.

anyway, sometimes nothing speaks louder than a humorous video: It's In The Koran

i saw Munich this weekend and it's very ...impactful. i dont think it helps my frustration with this.

life must've been pretty carefree before people knew what other people in the world were doing... all the time. i think i need to stop listening to NPR in the morning.

07 February 2006

LOST is on tonight!

...is what i'd be saying if it was tomorrow. unfortunately, it's not.

i had a few pictures here i liked and wanted to share with... 3 or 4 people? i'm not entirely sure.

but first, this is crappy news: WOXY is about to go out of business. for those of you who dont know, this is the greatest radio station i've ever seen. if you've never experienced the awesome cutting edge that is woxy.com, you better do it soon because it's about to go from free to $10 a month. which sucks, but i can do it for at least a month or so to help support them. and so can you...

okay back to the pictures... this one's from back in Knoxville, sometime towards the end of that college thing. i like it. i like jesse.

man, this is a picture from another time. (a time back at scott's graduation)

this is just a cool picture jesse took last year during our sub zero Chattanooga trip where i met up with Paul from Maryland. you might not could tell but it's freezing in that picture.

and another one from scott's graduation. a secret picture, if you will (from our sweet front row seats).