07 February 2006

LOST is on tonight!

...is what i'd be saying if it was tomorrow. unfortunately, it's not.

i had a few pictures here i liked and wanted to share with... 3 or 4 people? i'm not entirely sure.

but first, this is crappy news: WOXY is about to go out of business. for those of you who dont know, this is the greatest radio station i've ever seen. if you've never experienced the awesome cutting edge that is woxy.com, you better do it soon because it's about to go from free to $10 a month. which sucks, but i can do it for at least a month or so to help support them. and so can you...

okay back to the pictures... this one's from back in Knoxville, sometime towards the end of that college thing. i like it. i like jesse.

man, this is a picture from another time. (a time back at scott's graduation)

this is just a cool picture jesse took last year during our sub zero Chattanooga trip where i met up with Paul from Maryland. you might not could tell but it's freezing in that picture.

and another one from scott's graduation. a secret picture, if you will (from our sweet front row seats).


scott said...

woohoo! somebody thinks i'm cool... yeaaa, scott's cool... woohoo... yeaaa

Josh said...

i never said that. show me where i said that.

scott said...

dang... dude... dang...