31 August 2006

Chris Thile at the Belcourt

last night we saw some truly amazing musicians. true virtuosos. Chris Thile (of Nickel Creek) and his band (plus Bryan Sutton) performed at the Belcourt Theater yesterday. it was tremendous. i dont know what else to say.

i tried to take some pictures, but they are somewhat lacking. however, i did (against the rules) record some of the performance. i didn't have a tripod out or a video camera, just my digital. and my purpose was merely to share with those less fortunate who couldn't be there. not to bootleg or anything. so, i feel it was... the okay thing to do. (i hope no one gets mad.)

going to k-town this weekend. excited to just get away from everything with jess. should be nice. (weather is supposed to be awesome.)

29 August 2006

tuesday afternoon

well, for the most part tuesday. the rain one was yesterday.

(can you find all the jesses?)

(i dont know if that's surprised or what, but it makes his arm look fat.)

(i was testing my "in motion" capturing abilities. i think it's a good start.)

(i think was taken in "blackboard" mode)

(this one was several weeks ago. i just like it. especially after i adjusted it.)

(and this was cool looking. so billowy.)

28 August 2006

here's what my car looked like until about 7pm last night

(plus half the back seat was out and whatnot.)

pretty much, this took me all weekend (just ask jess). i started at 10am saturday and finished 9.5pm sunday. not my fastest project, but i did replace every bit of sound equipment (excluding the wires) in the car (plus i added my 12" sub). a few snags here and there, but overall, quite proud of myself. i did, however, have the help of brian on setting up the amp/sub and i did call Crutchfield about 4 times on saturday. other than that though, it was pretty much all me. and i'm proud of that. now, if i could've paid someone $100 to do, i would've in a heartbeat. but hindsight is 20/20.

i wish i had taken more pictures, but alas. oh, and everything sounds incredible. i dare say, my best sound system to date.

ALSO, you have to listen to this album: Girl Talk - Night Ripper. it's fantastic. so much fun.

23 August 2006

dudley the (op)posable

kind of excited about this

i got one of these:

(kind of different... my car has 4x6's. never had those before. i opted out of the standard "oval design" and went for these.)

and one of these:

(the 6.5's with aimable tweeters)

and this:

i'm excited about these for multiple reasons:

- i got them from Crutchfield, so i have the utmost confidence in their support, supplied hardware, and incredible shipping (2 days! how do you even do that??)
- i've never owned any of these brands. you generally find one you like and always come back to it.
- i thought it would be pretty cool to get all the same brand speakers in the car to see if it made any difference. on top of that, i've never had Infinity speakers and these have really good reviews. how cool to say all the speakers in the car are Infinty.
- the JVC stereo is a CD/mp3 player with an USB port on it (on the right side). now i can just plug the flash drive in and listen.
- it also has a subwoofer control (possibly for some day down the road) (wink)

14 August 2006

and then there were 3

this weekend was fun, but oh so tiring. i was running on empty when i hit the weekend and then we stayed up till 3 like everynight. this in turn lead to us going to bed at 6pm last night. so i'd say we got about 12hrs of sleep. not a terrible way to start the week, that's for sure.

(i dont really understand why billy "boogaloo shrimp" hammock found it appropriate to sing while something exploded in the background. he's just weird like that.)†

friday, corey made dinner for everyone (bryan, oksana, chance, billy, todd, and al(l?)ison). it was delicious and i think everyone enjoyed it. except for bryan, because he didn't eat it. and then we played TV Scene it (which of course billy's team won). fortunately, i was on his team. after that we all went and watched Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. it was by far the lamest movie i've ever seen. incredibly cliche and stereotypical. plus everybody dressed like flamboyant 80s homosexuals. but it was a great laugh. so ridiculous. and Ice Tea was in it. we couldnt figure out how his career survived that one.

(crazy things happen at late night movies. crazy like everybody gets super powers. sometimes.)†

saturday i went over to MJ and lebanon to enter the Wilson County fair's photography contest. even if i dont win anything, it's fun to know other people are getting to see your photos. i'm always really proud of my pictures. later that night we went out and drank a pitcher of Purple Haze (well, i did) and played Scrabble while Todd and Corey interacted awkwardly. and smoke burned our eyes. and they cut Europe's The Final Coundown short on the jukebox that todd and i picked out and paid money for. bastards. OH! and as my wifey so kindly pointed out, we found some marvelously funny books at during our NY Cafe visit. so we went over to Borders and got them for $2.99. it was a fantastic deal that you all should check out. (or just visit us and read ours.)

(Pinky loves her cat cannabis)

sunday we went to church and ate mexican buffet (incredible!) and got corey off on her way and then went to bed.

pictures courtesy of tiddy enterprises

10 August 2006

Sandi Thom the Tired

(tell me that doesn't look like we're posing in a picture with Sarah Ryg! kind of weird, eh?)

we (and todd) went and saw Sandi Thom tuesday night at 3rd & Lindsley. it was fun and it actually started close(r) to "start time." she seemed really nice, however, extremely tired. so much so that we started to think she didn't like us. but she seemed so friendly (and we're so awesome) that i figured it had to be her exhaustion causing it. on a different note, we'd never been to 3rd before. i thought it was great (although i really expected a lot more people to be there). plenty of seating, an upstairs, and a close stage. good sound too! not too loud. we'll definitely be back for Jars of Clay in september.

on a different note, i feel like i'd be doing todd (and jesse) a disservice by not putting these pictures up. Tomm always gets awful pictures of other people, so i felt it important to level things out a bit.

so he tried to play it off and make a fake bad picture and in the process made a worse picture.


06 August 2006


well, i guess my prayers have been answered. dudley appears to now be killing the birds (or at least fatally wounding them). so, i guess that's better than paralyzing them (or whatever he used to do). maybe i should start a What Dudley Killed site.

oh yeah. me, jess, and todd went and saw A Scanner Darkly today. that was crazy. it was like watching a really long cut scene in a video game. i think the movie was really just an anti-drug ad.