14 August 2006

and then there were 3

this weekend was fun, but oh so tiring. i was running on empty when i hit the weekend and then we stayed up till 3 like everynight. this in turn lead to us going to bed at 6pm last night. so i'd say we got about 12hrs of sleep. not a terrible way to start the week, that's for sure.

(i dont really understand why billy "boogaloo shrimp" hammock found it appropriate to sing while something exploded in the background. he's just weird like that.)†

friday, corey made dinner for everyone (bryan, oksana, chance, billy, todd, and al(l?)ison). it was delicious and i think everyone enjoyed it. except for bryan, because he didn't eat it. and then we played TV Scene it (which of course billy's team won). fortunately, i was on his team. after that we all went and watched Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. it was by far the lamest movie i've ever seen. incredibly cliche and stereotypical. plus everybody dressed like flamboyant 80s homosexuals. but it was a great laugh. so ridiculous. and Ice Tea was in it. we couldnt figure out how his career survived that one.

(crazy things happen at late night movies. crazy like everybody gets super powers. sometimes.)†

saturday i went over to MJ and lebanon to enter the Wilson County fair's photography contest. even if i dont win anything, it's fun to know other people are getting to see your photos. i'm always really proud of my pictures. later that night we went out and drank a pitcher of Purple Haze (well, i did) and played Scrabble while Todd and Corey interacted awkwardly. and smoke burned our eyes. and they cut Europe's The Final Coundown short on the jukebox that todd and i picked out and paid money for. bastards. OH! and as my wifey so kindly pointed out, we found some marvelously funny books at during our NY Cafe visit. so we went over to Borders and got them for $2.99. it was a fantastic deal that you all should check out. (or just visit us and read ours.)

(Pinky loves her cat cannabis)

sunday we went to church and ate mexican buffet (incredible!) and got corey off on her way and then went to bed.

pictures courtesy of tiddy enterprises


jesse said...

what a great post, hus.bo.

Just for the sake of thoroughness, please see my blog (but give me til later tonight). Corey and I visited Oksana's new classroom and we found these great new books!

Hus.bo! Tell 'em bout the books!

Billy H. said...

Out of all of the pictures in the world and you chose the one of me singing...

toddman4000 said...

a. allison
3. no come read mine. mine are better. and they take longer to read than you think...

Corey said...

a) I like the laser beam coming from my eyes
b) I like that you gave photo credit to Todd...nice touch
c) Thanks for hosting me I had a blast and am ever so thankful!

Josh said...

haha. yeah, those pictures are great.

jessatwork said...

new blog time, husdotbo.