06 August 2006


well, i guess my prayers have been answered. dudley appears to now be killing the birds (or at least fatally wounding them). so, i guess that's better than paralyzing them (or whatever he used to do). maybe i should start a What Dudley Killed site.

oh yeah. me, jess, and todd went and saw A Scanner Darkly today. that was crazy. it was like watching a really long cut scene in a video game. i think the movie was really just an anti-drug ad.


Corey Ann said...

I'm way excited to be seeing you Hunters tonight!!! I'm kinda a big fan of you all!

Hayley said...

I think Dudley and Penelope should get together. She kills bugs, moths, birds, mice, roaches, and beats up the dog on a regular basis. They would be an unstoppable killing force that could take over the planet.

On second thought, keep your beast away from mine... for all of our sakes! :)

Josh said...

dudley's kind of new to the business of killing, so he might feel a little intimidated by a normal cat.