31 July 2006

Dear DCI,

Please go fornicate yourselves with a steel rod.

Yours truly,

i was extremely dissatisfied with the way things went friday night. and i had only been looking forward to the show for a couple of days. i cant even IMAGINE how some of those people out there felt. those that had been looking forward to this all summer. man.

granted, it wasn't DCI's fault. they cant control the weather. however, they CAN control cancellation policies, and the policy that's in place now sucks ass. "Thanks for your money. Better hope it doesn't rain! Cause you're not getting ANY of this back." i mean, at least with a "rain or shine" event you dont have to worry about cancellation. but this... man.

so we drove back home, soaking wet and completely without our fill of drum corps.

that's where the sory ends for the Burkas, but not me. i realized that i was back early enough to make it to PeeWee's Big Adventure over at the Belcourt. i was excited to make it because i thought i was going to miss out. well, i didn't miss out. i sat in front of PeeWee's biggest fan. now i dont mind when EVERYone in the theater is quoting some classic lines from the movie, but i DO mind when ONE person (directly behind me) is quoting EVERY line and laughing (very hard) at EVERYthing. he was even cussing because of his excitement! he was like, "Oh shit! Shit shit shit. Oh shit, PeeWee!" "Oh motherf*cker." i dont remember the last time i was so confused and furious at the same time. i sat in a relatively quiet rage for about 10min and then i stood up, walked up 3 rows, and sat down. with that little distance between us i was able to enjoy the rest of the movie.

i dont know if i can take the crowd that'll be at Goonies.

we also went to the Brewer's Fest on Saturday. we were extremely full, but it was fun.

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jesse said...

what a great long-shot. truly. very good job, hus.bo!