13 July 2006

corey the fabulous

ah, i'm just messing with you. but seriously, i found these when looking through the pictures from my birthday this year. i couldn't remember if we had ever put them up or not.

i messed with a few of them (obviously). "Channel Mixing" (colors in photoshop) is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. seems like you can create a ton of different color saturated possibilities with any given photo. i guess my goal would be to alter it so that it's noticeably different than the stock photo, but not so far out there that it's distracting. anyway, you should mess with it.

and of course, what's a bunch of pictures with out some Dudley?

pure crap is what.


Corey said...

What the crap are you saying I'm not fabulous? Do you not know me at all? Has time and distance made us strangers?

Seriously, that was a really fun trip and when I decided that I want to live in Nashville. No you hadn't posted these pics before. Ahh I miss the Hunters. Oh and I'm listening to the Crooked Fingers cd you made for me. It's my most favorite at the moment!

Josh said...

who are you?

and what are you doing on my weblog?

i'm just kidding. you're great. glad you like Crooked Fingers. they do rock.

jesse said...

Aww. Look how grown up he looks!

Corey said...

Uhmm you guys are getting wierd about Dudley...he's not a real child. Where in the world did you find a cat polo?

Josh said...

dudley has had his Cat Polo since Christmas. it was a gift! AND he doesn't wear it all the time. only on special occasions!

...someone's title is about to get changed from "fabulous" to "craptastic." and it rhymes with "shmorey."

Corey said...

ok ok point taken...got it...well he looks dashing in his polo.

Josh said...

and dont you forget it!