03 July 2006

July 1 - July 2

we went to watch fireworks at steve's house saturday night. he buys a ton every july 5th and january 2nd. and for a personal show, he had some sweet sized firworks. i was pretty excited about this for 2 reasons: a) i love fireworks and b) i just figured out how to slow my camera's shutter speed down a lot and was looking for something fun to try it on.

this next one is such a great picture. jesse is squinting because apparently she found the fireworks too bright. (yeah, i dont get it either.) then there's brian and his wife. in every picture i have of the group, brian has the same grin across his face, so i think he had a good time. and then todd on the end, who apparently found them too bright and too loud.

(i like how that one tree is so in focus.)

(steve was having a great time out there.)

(i tried to tell her i was all out of faces, but she wouldnt listen.)

so i got this +10 macro lens for my camera this weekend. it's really just a magnifying glass in the form of a lens. anyway, i took this flower picture thinking i was using it properly and "blowing the image up" to, well, whatever +10 means.

i was wrong. the next 2 images were taken with the +10 lens using it's full macro potential. dang dude.

(that's the little mozilla icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.)

we also saw Dark Side of the Rainbow Friday night. but that's a whole other story.

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