26 July 2006

Huntsville & Prcautions

i put some new windshield wiper nozzles on jesse's civic yesterday. it's a good thing i didn't need instructions becuase, well, just take a look:

you just can't fake real engrish.

i went to Huntsville this weekend with Jon to visit Aaron. it was fun. a nice break from life. we sat around and watched movies and went out and ate and drank beer and played pool and frolfed. it was great.

sunday was such a beautiful day. a great "cloud" day. they looked so cool. so i was taking pictures of them all the way back from Tullahoma.

jess and i finally got back into "netflixing." for a while there we just held on to the movies for a month of so. recently, we watched several really good movies (and a few terrible). Gandhi and Malcom X were oldies that i'd always meant to see but just never could bring myself to sit through. let me go ahead and say they are both excellent movie and a breeze to sit through (both topping the 3hr mark). i was really amazed with Gandhi. i thought it was going to be a struggle, but really i couldn't stop watching it. it was extremely captivating. his whole concept of non-violent non-complaince was so simple yet unbelievably powerful. quite amazing. and Malcolm X was better than i thought. i find it interesting that no one associates his later years as a rather peaceful person with the character of Malcolm X. it's always about his extremist period (which was mostly due to the "islamic" teachings he recieved.) really an interesting story.

and we watched Closer. this was actually a lot better than i thought due to the fact that no one was trying to hide anything in the movie; everyone just told what they had done/were doing, so there was no stress of "is he/she gonna find out??" so, yeah, a little graphic in language, but a good movie.

never see Caché. pure crap.

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