24 December 2004

return of the josh

yeah. i havent written in a while. so what? wanna fight about it?

i just got back from dinner with Mt. Juliet. i think many were in absentia due to the recent inclement weather. well i say nuts to that. "nuts" i wish jess wouldve been there. it was good to see everyone. even hayley. just kidding. seriously though, even we got along. so that was pleasant.

i had Guiness tonight. honestly, it was pretty dang good. i had had it in the bottle before and i hated it, but draft, well, not bad. not bad at all. not bad enough to have 3 pints (for those of you who dont know, thats not a lot. it's just a pint/glass). and another thing! i popped my jammed index finger for the first time tonight since i messed it up (10/21). it was exciting and felt great. at this rate, i'll be able to pop my ring finger by . . . summer 2007. rock on.

i havent been doing anything (basically) except sitting around playing nintendo and watching simpsons and seinfeld for the past 2 weeks. it's been marvelous.

this is kind of neat. when you type in "group beer" in Google Images, a picture of mine is the first to pop up. see for yourself. i'm famous.

anywho, i'm off to florida on the 25th to see my baby and her family.

have a great Christmas everyone. Jesus loves you.