28 August 2006

here's what my car looked like until about 7pm last night

(plus half the back seat was out and whatnot.)

pretty much, this took me all weekend (just ask jess). i started at 10am saturday and finished 9.5pm sunday. not my fastest project, but i did replace every bit of sound equipment (excluding the wires) in the car (plus i added my 12" sub). a few snags here and there, but overall, quite proud of myself. i did, however, have the help of brian on setting up the amp/sub and i did call Crutchfield about 4 times on saturday. other than that though, it was pretty much all me. and i'm proud of that. now, if i could've paid someone $100 to do, i would've in a heartbeat. but hindsight is 20/20.

i wish i had taken more pictures, but alas. oh, and everything sounds incredible. i dare say, my best sound system to date.

ALSO, you have to listen to this album: Girl Talk - Night Ripper. it's fantastic. so much fun.


scott said...

woot- i'm REALLY thinking of taking out one of my old 10's and putting it in a box in my trunk... that would be schweet...

Josh said...

what's a "woot?"

i'd been waiting to hook my 12 back up since the honda. it was too much trouble in the Sable. but this, i was already going to have everything taken apart, so i figured i might as well get it in there. and it sounds fantastic. i really like the infinities.

plus i can help you hook it up if you cant remember how. i couldnt, till i got help on it this weekend.

Billy H. said...

Woot is the way French people say what. I hope this answered your query.

Josh said...

ah. you're so cultured, billy!

i didn't know you were french, scott! all these years!