31 August 2006

Chris Thile at the Belcourt

last night we saw some truly amazing musicians. true virtuosos. Chris Thile (of Nickel Creek) and his band (plus Bryan Sutton) performed at the Belcourt Theater yesterday. it was tremendous. i dont know what else to say.

i tried to take some pictures, but they are somewhat lacking. however, i did (against the rules) record some of the performance. i didn't have a tripod out or a video camera, just my digital. and my purpose was merely to share with those less fortunate who couldn't be there. not to bootleg or anything. so, i feel it was... the okay thing to do. (i hope no one gets mad.)

going to k-town this weekend. excited to just get away from everything with jess. should be nice. (weather is supposed to be awesome.)


Corey said...

You are so lucky! You know how much I heart Nickel Creek!!!

Josh said...

yes we are. and yes we do.

jess said...

He's pretty much a living legend at the age of 25. which is sickening. but nice to see as well?
Yeah, the concert was incredible.