10 August 2006

Sandi Thom the Tired

(tell me that doesn't look like we're posing in a picture with Sarah Ryg! kind of weird, eh?)

we (and todd) went and saw Sandi Thom tuesday night at 3rd & Lindsley. it was fun and it actually started close(r) to "start time." she seemed really nice, however, extremely tired. so much so that we started to think she didn't like us. but she seemed so friendly (and we're so awesome) that i figured it had to be her exhaustion causing it. on a different note, we'd never been to 3rd before. i thought it was great (although i really expected a lot more people to be there). plenty of seating, an upstairs, and a close stage. good sound too! not too loud. we'll definitely be back for Jars of Clay in september.

on a different note, i feel like i'd be doing todd (and jesse) a disservice by not putting these pictures up. Tomm always gets awful pictures of other people, so i felt it important to level things out a bit.

so he tried to play it off and make a fake bad picture and in the process made a worse picture.



toddman4000 said...

do i? do i really?

toddman4000 said...

do i put up "bad pictures" or "the worst picture ever"?

Josh said...

hahaha. touche.

Josh said...

ta da.

sarah ryg said...

I very much like the Sarah Ryg comment. Seems as though my typical scarved hairstyle is not so popular in the working world, or in the mind of Adam... so it's just a weekend kind of thing:(

Hope to see you and jesse soon!