03 June 2011

You're So Good To Me (Mix)

Told you I had a non (well, less) electronic mix on the way. Well guess what. You're lookin' at it. This is a bunch of upbeat, fun, feel-good tunes from recent. It's feeling more summer-y where I live and it's definitely lifted my mood from where I was in the winter months. Two new albums by Foster the People and Hooray for Earth have been on repeat for me. They are stellar. A track from the new Bon Iver album makes me so happy. The whole album is amazing, but this one track has Peter Cetera and Bruce Hornsby all over it. I love it. The rest are just a mix of things that have been running through my headphones. Enjoy.

(For the mix purists out there, and I know there are a bunch, I did break the 80min mark. It was either, respect this ancient established value for traditional reasons (and whoever still burns CDs) or just give you all the songs I wanted to and spit in the face of tradition. So I spat.)

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