24 July 2007

Say Hello to Dudley's Little Sister

we can't think of a name yet. her name was Oprah, but, well, that just won't do. i like human names, but i'm open to suggestions.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

We're saying "harpo" until the name is finalized...I also like flower names. :*


scott said...


looks like a cross between lizzy and dudley

Billy H. said...

Petunia would be an interesting Harry Potter twist. They're the names of two of the three Dursleys. Personally, I'm going to recommend you call her TC-14. :)

john said...

I'd be careful, it looks like it's trying to bite.

Josh said...

that may or may not be the case.

Josh said...

perhaps "cica?" (for you non-hungarian speakers tsi-tsa)

or tsotsi?

that's tiring.

i think i've ruled out Biffany.

i'll just stick with TC-14.

or Shakti.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

No cica. How bout cicada? We're still deliberating...thanks to all contributors. Keep thinking--we have to name her soon.