26 September 2005

sufjan and gastritis... an exciting combination!

so i have gastritis. and i must say, it's rather uncomfortable. in fact, it's downright painful. my whole stomach just hurts. i highly disrecommend it.

however, jesse and i did have a sweet friday night adventure! early friday morning it occured to me to check to see if Sufjan Stevens (a favorite of mine right now) was going to be playing in nashville any time soon. as luck would have it, he was. and it just so happened to be that night at 9pm. unfortunately, it was sold out. so i tried my best to find any left over tickets, but it was to no avail. i even emailed some people at the Mercy Lounge. i did however come to the conclusion that i dislike the Mercy Lounge employees and/or anyone affiliated with said Mercy Lounge. after i sent out my email inquiring as to the "solidity" of the term "sold out", i recieved a response. it was as follows:

Sold out really means sold out jackass

to which i thanked him for his kindness and understanding. (jesse also had an unfriendly encounter with some ticket taker.) anywho, long story short, sold out does not really mean sold out. at least not for a couple sneak artists (yeah, you like it? dont steal it.) such as jess and myself. we go there and the line must've been upwards of 1000 people. it looked pretty hopeless. so we took a seat on the upper patio. there we slowly gained the trust of those around us THUS gaining us entry inTO the Mercy Lounge... upstairs.

well, this was better, but not great. anyway, after a little slight of hand from yours truly (we walked down some stairs and wandered around), we managed to make our way into the downstairs stage room. in truth, all of this was sort of inadvertantly done (jesse might disagree... for good reasons). ANYway, once we realized we were IN, we slinked off to the dark corner to hide away for the show (plus there was a stool (the non poo kind) back there). and what a show! it was a really fun show. they were all dressed up as cheerleaders and stuff. it was just great. i was so excited i left my own stool (the poo kind) back there. not really, but i was really excited.

and on top of it all, (and i'm not sure if He really wants to take credit for this or not, but..) i'm pretty sure God provided this opportunity to us. we both prayed so hard beforehand that we would be able to to get in and watch the show. i think jesse actually prayed for free entrance (she's so brazen!). seriously, i KNOW He helped us. all you naysayers (todd) can say what you want, but this was a miracle. jesse and i arent this lucky.

on a side note, i think Sufjan Stevens and his band would be a really great bunch of guys to hang out with. they seem really nice. (i actually think they may be Christian.)

on an even more side note, jesse's and my new pirate names are as follows (respectively):

Black Death Quinn

Cap'n Jake Yellowbeard

i've also been known to go by:

Cheeky Delinquent

...which of course is my wu-tang name.


toddman4000 said...

i mean i just now saw that and i dont know if its even worth it to go into any sort of detail. the only things that come to mind are "render unto caesar what is caesar's" and "dont steal." i think the Bible is fairly conclusive on that without any sort of "todd's opinion-sharing."

well, i guess the only application that is left is that i dont believe God would help anyone do anyting illegal (where, of course, the law is not in contradiction to His). i can't quote anything off-hand, but that seems to make sense to me.

its not a real big deal and im not "hot" about it or anything. at this phase of my life, and being here at this "christian" university, ive rather lost the will to just argue for scripture anymore. i mean, i'll say it, but whether it sticks is, as ive noticed, generally a factor of what people received in their younger years. like, i could show [person x] where in the Bible it says to not get drunk all day, but it doesnt stick according to [person x]'s formative years. im not really sure its my job to make it stick either... i think that would be the "increase" part of first corintians 3.6: "I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase."

like i said, its not a huge deal, but i posted this to just allow the world to be aware of the fact that todd does have his reasons and doesnt walk around making things up for the argument factor.

and i dont get out much. i think thats why this "comment" turned into more of a "essay." and i know im killing the "quotation marks." "sorry."

Josh said...

i see what you mean and i can appreciate your stance.

you could be correct, in that God didn't "let us in", however, if this IS in fact the case, i'm pretty sure He was at least in FAVOR of it. this much i can be completely sure about.

as for proof, well, nothing comes to mind, however, i think there are a few verses in the back that make mention of this.

on a serious note, it's not as if we didnt want to pay to get in. i would've paid over ticket price to get in. but it was completely sold out. here's where the "trickle down" effect comes in. upon wandering in, i patronized the bar with a couple of beer purchases. and i bought a sufjan stevens poster. so in actuality, i DID pay my way in. you just have to look at the bigger picture.

i think that answers your question.