05 September 2008

I Made the Cover!!

Hey everybody! My shot of Union Station made the cover of the Capture Music City contest! How awesome is that??

Thank you so much for all your votes and compliments and congrats. They just mean so much to me. And I couldn't be more excited and honored to have my shot on the cover.

(Sadly enough, I won't even get to SEE the book for two years so someone will have to take a picture of it and send it to me!)

(Mom and Dad, there's at least one copy being sent to you. Don't lose it!)


Bryan said...

Do you know if you got any other shots in the book?

Josh said...

i dont think they've revealed that yet. hopefully i'll have a couple in there. there were a few that had almost as many votes as this shot, so we'll see. someone will have to let me know :)

sucks that i'm gonna miss the release party though.

Josh Bush said...


Anonymous said...

Congats on the publication!! Next, Playboy. Keep the eye on the prize.
Ryan L

crashmattb said...

Congrats, again, on landing the cover, man!

scott said...

1) where can i purchase a copy
2) what's your address?

Josh said...

1) https://purchase.pictorialbook.com/capturemusiccity/

2) Josh & Jesse Hunter

Comfort Castle, district

Comfort Castle P.O.

Portland, Jamaica, W.I.

Josh said...

well, that's our address for letters. for packages it's:

Josh & Jesse Hunter

c/o Howard Anderson

Peace Corps

8 Worthington Avenue

Kingston 5

Jamaica, West Indies

you can find both of those on the other blog too.