15 November 2016

thoughts one week later

Regardless of how you feel about a certain issue, learning more about it and the people it effects can't be a bad thing right? Education benefits everyone.

I would encourage anyone with an open heart to watch 13th on Netflix... gain some perspective and understanding on this country's most divisive issue. See how far we've come... and how far we have to go.

Because, regardless of who won the election (or rather, despite), this is an opportunity to stop repeating the old mistakes, stop having the same arguments, stop judging people the same way and start reconnecting.

Instead of being defensive, look for opportunities to step out of your normal. Get outside your regular world and share a moment with someone you typically wouldn't, whenever you can, and start to reconnect with each other.

Look for chances to learn, to question your opinion, to grow and change; to surprise someone with patience and kindness and generosity... to speak up for the downtrodden.

No one man or woman put into power will solve our country's internal struggles, but neither will insulting the other side or delegitimizing the oppressed. We can't blame and neglect our way to a solution. We created this mess, this environment of defensiveness, this divide, but we can make things right together...

as one nation, under God,
demanding liberty and justice for all.

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